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Runes + Masteries + Items (My ideas for Season 4+)

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I'm a Cassiopeia main in Platinum ELO, have played a good number of games using other roles and champions, play Cass in pretty much every role, and have done more math related to League of Legends than I have in the entirety I've been in school. League pushed me to learn statistics and got me into data analysis and whatnot. Anyway, my backstory aside, here are my suggestions and the reasoning behind them, note that I'm keeping them relatively vague as I'm not too focused on specifics, rather what I want. ^-^

Movement: Whether it's a unique item, a mastery point, or a set of runes, I want something that essentially gives me the opportunity to opt out of boots. I'm thinking an item that has a Furor proc (increased movement when you attack a champion with a single target ability or AA) and a low CD ghost. Trinity Force is similar but obviously not good for Cass + super expensive. I'm thinking this would be a very cool rune idea, something like a Quint of Furor: (x1) +5% MS on single target ability or auto attack. I want to be rewarded with the ability to kite by performing an action that requires me to risk something if it fails.

Spell Vamp: As a Cass player, my favorite thing to do, my "high" moment, is when I'm at next to no health and instead of trying to kite someone I kite INTO them, increasing my E dps by just the slightest amount and living due to spell vamp. Spell vamp doesn't feel very accessible right now as there's only 3 ways to get it as Cass: WoTA, Spectral Wraith, 3% from Masteries, 6% from runes. I'd like to see Spell Vamp included on more items or make it available on Seals, Marks, Glyphs, or what have you. I think the passive proc on Guinsoo's is really cool, granting Spell Vamp when near death that lasts up until you leave combat seems like, at least for the player with the SV, a really cool turning point. Maybe make it on a 3s out of combat CD so that the counterplay is to not hit/get hit by the player, and you can make the visual effect for it a shrinking circle around them or a "timer" circle that's winding down or something.

Slows: As a Cass player the question of whether or not to get Rylai's no longer feels like a question of "if" but a "how quickly can I get it without hurting my damage potential?". I'd like to see more options for something like Rylai's that's a mid-game item that slows similar to Rylai's. I also think this would be a REALLY cool thing to have as a Quint, specifically. Maybe a glyph. I definitely want to feel like I'm sacrificing something for this. Overall, when it comes to runes/masteries, I REALLY want to feel torn on every decision I'm making. I want to feel like I'm choosing not only for my playstyle, but based on the game I'm about to play or the playstyle I'm going to have to fulfill. A 6.35% slow on Single Target Spell hit with 1/3rd of that on Multitarget/DoT abilities Quint would be super cool, but might also be too strong?

%Health runes: They're too weak. When compared to the per lvl HP runes they're just really bad. Can we make them more competitively viable?

AP per level glyphs: I want to feel compelled to take these when the enemy team is strongly lacking magic damage, but right now I just.. don't. They don't seem all that appealing.

% Pen runes? I think it would be really cool to have "lategame pen runes". Maybe Per level pen?

For masteries, what I really want, is to see 4-6 different paths per level. I really, REALLY want to be like. "UGHHH WHAT DO I WANT??!?!?! IUEHIUGEHSUEGHS" because of the sheer amount of AMAZING possibilities. Do I want to put all of my eggs in the early game snowball basket? Do I think it'll be safer to try to just farm it up for the midgame? Do I need to be more utility than damage this game? Am I the only damage we have? What if I get shut down? What can I do to prevent this from happening while still taking opportunities to get myself ahead? What can I do that makes my playstyle feel unique and powerful?

I don't want runes to just be "Oh hey, have some extra AP/Armor/Whatever" I want to honestly feel like they're changing my playstyle completely or augmenting it. I want to have to painfully decide between different effects that'll affect what items I'll be purchasing.

Armor: As Cass, the only Armor items I can buy are Seekers, Banner of Command, Zhonya's, and GA. GA can be good, but I lose a ton of damage doing it, same goes for Randuin's. Banner of Command is painful to get because CDR on Cass isn't the most appreciated of stats when you usually (>95% of the time) don't miss your QW's, as she's mainly dots and her E, and getting CDR just for her ult is pretty wasteful. BoC also doesn't provide much AP. It's an okay item, but I feel like the main reason I'd get it is for the active/passive component. Zhonya's provides 50 armor, which is nice, but that's pretty much the only viable armor AP item I can get on Cass, and I can't even rush it. Abyssal Scepter, Rylai's, Seraphs, WoTA, ect. Are far too important, to the point where in the games where I HAVE rushed it, I lack a ton of damage and the active usually gets me surrounded and killed. Late game when I have damage it's a great item, and the active usually buys me time for my team to finish of the person trying to kill me or I can use it to bait (IE: 500HP left vs 800HP whatever, I Zhonyas>Seraphs for 500 more HP and sustain off of Spell Vamp).

Thanks for reading!
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