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Problems with the interface

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Junior Member


Is anyone else disturbed by the HUGE in game interface?
Does the HP and MP bar seriously need to take that much room?
Why is there a huge portrait of your champion?
The minimap is anything BUT mini.
The kill death assist ratio portion is also unnecessarily big.
Why are the skills in an uncomfortable arc shape and not the same size?
Does recall really need to be that big?
The skill buttons are also way too big.
Why does the USERNAME have to be shown on the lower left?
The enemy target bar is also unnecessarily big.

I'm playing the game at 1920x1080 resolution and it feels like im playing on something like 1024x768.


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You can adjust the size down in the interface options but there are lackluster results. Your mini map will not size with it as well and the scoreboard is very poor at the moment. 100% agree it needs to be reworked.

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Im playing at 1080p also and everything seems way too big