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So, what's the optimal way to build Urgot after remake?

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Friend of Urf


I always thought he'd be built best as some sort of AD/Tank hybrid thing, but what do you guys think?

Also, how's Terror Capacitor now? It got a pretty big buff in its shield amount...

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Terror Capacitor's really only worth it as a shield after ulting -- while you have the armor/MR boost.

Anyway, I'd still go for something along the lines of TriForce and (lol) Manamune. In my eyes, it's less about his item build and more about his playstyle. >_>

But don't take my word for it, I've only played like 5 games as him ever.

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Terror Capacitor fills a wonderful role at absolutely shutting down the enemy's ability to focus supports and close gaps. The shield is nice, but the 40% slow at max rank is what makes it hot like fire.

As for building him, I suggest you check out this thread. (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=397686)

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Senior Member


My current build:

Manamune - Huge mana supply and about 45-ish extra damage. More if you get Banshees.
Mercs - Obvious
Brutalizer - Damage, Armor Pen, and CDR. All required.
Last Whisper - Good damage boost and Armor Pen that stacks with E. Why bother having armor?
Brutalizer to Ghostblade - Basically a way better Brutalizer.
Frozen Mallet - Decent AD boost, and a huge HP boost for survivability. I get this later because Urgot, with HP quints, tends to be rather durable as it is, especially if he uses his ult in a proper manner.
I finish with another Brutalizer, just because it's such a great item on him.

So I have about 60 + 40% Armor Pen on my own, and even more if I hit with E. You'll be doing basically True damage to anyone who isn't a tank, and good damage to anyone who is.

As for Terror, don't use it as a shield. Use it as a constant Slowing effect. I mean, the extra HP is nice, but it really won't last long in a team fight.