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Udyr and Jungling, give a man a hand?

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So I recently purchased udyr and jax with riot points, along with some skins, due to wanting a good melee champ and a jungler I chose these champs. Also due to this I am low on IP buying runes for jax, dodge, armor pen, and cooldown reduction. I've read msot of the jungling guides on the lol website and do to rune build beeing out of the question I was wondering, as Udyr, what should I do?

I used to rush locket, but with that item's removal *cough, phail riot* and due to a udyr nerf (tiger stance) I wish to know a new item build.

I currently but a health crystal, but I oom stance dancing. I build soul shroud asap, then boots of swiftness, then madreds razor, along with a scepter thrown in. When I do this I quickly underlevel, and need to return after every jungle fight. Im going to start getting buying flat hp quints, which ill use for all builds.

So what should I do? Rune build wise was thinking mana regen for glyphs flat hp for seals and quints and attack speed marks. I take smite and ghost for ganking, other then that? I am currently just building my jax up which seems to be meh on Udyr. Without using a Rune book, how can I maximize my udyr?

Thank you from the man in your bedroom, with a machete =3

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I used to do cloth -> wriggle/boots/locket then just build tank items from there, now with locket gone I just skip the locket step. Still is usable