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Regarding the "bloodthirster"

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Not really "all you want to know"...

Good info but it doesnt explain how 2 tears of the goddess works on the same champ. If you have 2 TotG's you will only get the extra mana from 1 of them but you will reach the max benefit twice as quick.

I believe this to be the same for Bloodthirsters. You will only get 40 more damage and 10% lifesteal total, even if you have 2 of them, but you will reach the max benefit twice as quick.

Tear of the Goddess stops at 600 mana no matter how many of them or how many Archangel's you have, but I don't think this is the case for Bloodthirster... However, the tooltips are similar enough to throw me into some doubt... Can anyone clarify?