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Alistar Build(s)?

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Frony Boom



When I started Ali I used Locket too...after a few weeks I switched to Soul Shroud and never turned back. With that, masteries, and Glacial you hit 40% cooldown - THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT FOR ALISTAR: Without CD you are just a walking, ignorable hunk of beef; with CD you are a pounding, headbutting, healfountain sonofagun....NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH MOOQUISITION!!!

Most games, if I'm feeding teammates well, that is as far as my build gets. Mobility or Swiftness boots, and maybe a Negatron if I get some good assists or a lucky kill (but we leave those for our carries, don't we, my bovine bretheren). Frankly, Ali really doesn't need much more than that; everything else is just icing on the cake - if you need lanes pushed, sheen is nice; otherwise, Aegis for team support or finish Frozen Heart to ruin autoattackers' days.