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Why play Brand?

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Brand's damage is super crazy high actually. Unlocked by hitting skill shots, sure, but super crazy high.

Brand lvl 18: 1119 +2.45 AP (up to 1819 +3.45 AP) + 12-14% of the enemies max HP
Ahri (PBE): 1121 + 2.41 AP + 140 + 0.325 AP as true dmg + healing

Both have a 2 sec CC (Ahris is normally better as an engage).
Ahri has mobility and lower CDs (on her important DPS skills).
Ahri does have 2 multi target skills (Q and R) while Brand only has W. We need the E to open up for the Q stun or he doesn't have any CC. And his ult needs to hit 3 times the same target to be really useful (what it never does in a teamfight. Once every enemy and that's it).

For a champ that is super squishy, no mobility his dmg is actually not that awesome except when his ult hits the same target 3 times, what you can not control as brand.
But his AOE dmg is better if his ult hits all enemies and when he uses Q to open up and then a E + W combo, but it will not hit enough targets and he has to sacrifice his stun and it can only be triggered through the first target hit by his Q what is the front line normally.

I don't want to make brand look bad. But Ahri still beats him in all important things when it comes to a real teamfights or laning phase.
Better kill potential.
Less skill required (easier combo and no nearly random ult).
Less squishy (only some HP, but together with the mobility it is a decent amount of survivability).
No need to combo for a CC.
True dmg.
Better farming/wave clearing (brand's W or E without his passive on an enemy is weak in terms of clearing waves and the combo costs a good amount of mana).
Catch potential and positioning in fights due to her mobility.
Better AOE dmg or better single target burst based on what Brand's ult decides to do.

She has a lot of advantages over him. There is no reason to play Brand over the 'NERFED' Ahri.

Pls do the math and then talk about it.
When all of that crazy dmg comes from a random ult, it will not really be something good.

You could change Karthus ult to deal 1k bonus dmg to a random target on the map. But cause of minions and monsters he will nearly never hit an enemy champ. The potential dmg is crazy high, but the actual perfect case will nearly never happen and so the dmg is a random number that frustrates the Karthus player or the enemy that gets hit once every 20 Karthus games.