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Nidalee Vs. Tanks

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Posted below are the stats of the game. I found that Ninja Tabi boots came in handy through out the game, past that I just got the best melee items and a sheen, since when in cougar form, the pounce move and all of her other moves require no mana, and the cooldown rocks.

Ninja Tabi
Zeal->Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
Black Cleaver

Im happy with the new character

If anyone has any suggestions or comments let me know. This is my first time playing this character and I plan to do it again :-)

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Trux 42

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She looks like fun, though I'm yet to see anyone good with her. She lanes really well with a melee carry, almost as though she was made for it.

I know it's off-topic, but how is it that people who play this game can't take a screenshot of the scoresheet at the standard resolution ever?