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I know some of these have already been covered but these are just a few that i constantly have to deal with.

1. Fix the ping in the minimap, its very difficult to see most of the time.

2. Tooltrips - Not so much now, but when I first started I could of really used a way for me to see what the champion's name is during a match. I would be like "Big guy that looks kinda like a zerg MIA from BOT!" Just put their name somewheres, the same for when i look at the scoreboard, maybe just a tooltip with the name "Cho-Garth" when i mouse over their extremely small portrait that i can barely see.

3. Info Boxes - I'm not extactly sure if its just because of my widescreen resolution, but most text boxes mainly in the champion profiles gets cut off. But if I select the text and drag it'll scroll the text so i can finish reading the info. If I remember right I think I have similar issues with some of the item descriptions.

Thats my main three for now, just some thoughts, there's prolly some better idea's out there...?