[Suggestion] Wisp, The Screemer

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I have had the idea of a screeming champion for a pretty long time. Tell me what you think the name should be or the title. I like wisp and "the screemer" but would be nice to know what you guys think.

Visuals: Was thinking about a big mutated bat.

walk Animation: If it is a bat it should fly. We need more flying champions!


I dont have a name for any of his/her abilitys except the R ability. Any suggestions? I will post what i think they should do.

Passive: I thinking along the lines of "Sonar": Wisp can sense enemys in bushes. I honestly don't know how OP this would be but it would totaly fit the bat character. tell me any opinions on this... Maybe it should have a range or be able to also see invisable units (Evelyn, Twitch, Shaco, and even Teemo's Mushrooms)

Normal attack: He/She would screem of coarse!

Q: A cone screem... kinda like Cho' Gath's except a wider range and a silence.

W: A stun.

E: Wisp flies high into the air and has increased movment speed and immuenisty to melee attacks for a short time.

R: The Big Boom: Wisp lets out a huge screems that causes all enemys in a ranges ears to bleed (the player wont be able to hear anything) and deeling masive damage. I was also thinking of a toggle for this... he/she would be able to toggle it and follow enemys (of coarse it would drain mana and have CD after turning it off).

Im odviously not done with this i will keep thinking of new ideas and working on this. Thanks for any suggestions you leave. After this champ i think we need a plant :P. (Also sorry for and mispellings i typed this rather fast early in the morning x.x)