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Champion Suggestion] Stringless, War puppet

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Discription: Stringless is a magical puppet made in times of war his legs are sythe's with segmented poles with a ball joint end connecting to poor mishapened metalic replica of a human pelvis which is connected to another segmented blade like spine which as its goes to magic metal gear heart with is protected by sharpened metalic ribs which can move and adjust at his will but as its reachs his head it gets bigger and branches in a shoulder his neck those are a ton of full metal wires with unnoticably connect to the rest of his body but at the end of his shoudlers on his right a large heavy rotatable tunnel drill meant for punching holes in walls as it rotates uncontrolably but on his he does have a hand there its the real danger of his punch on his left is a large and sharp multi jointed blade arm he has a hand on this also its blades can rotate and degree so he can deliever a slicing chop his head is ball shaped but has two horn parrellel to each other on each side of his head they only serve a purpose of striking fear into enemies his mouth when opened hides a cannon of unspeakable distruction but has many effects depending on its target his body is weak but is very very sturdy his magic resistance increase as he "Mature's" he is very intelligent and very well different he hates life but yet he loves life beauties like flowers and will horrible horrible destroy those who upset him and will use his array of deadly body parts he stands very tall but hunches giving the illusion he a slightly tall

Hp: 550 + 35 / per level
Mana: -
Movement Speed: 290
Armor: 20 + 5 / per level
Spell Block: 5 + 0 / per level
Critical Strike: 0
Health Regen: .50 +.10 / per level
Mana Regen: -
Range: 100

Passive: [Metal Body] has a magic resistance based on his level due to the fact his metal increase with power as he "Mature's" lvl 1 = +5 and increases by 5 each level
Active skill: [Rotate Right] 50/70/110/140/150 + Ability Power {cool down second's} 35/45/55/70/85 {knock back} 200/210/215/220/225
Active skill: [Lacerate Left] 40/70/100/130/160 + Ability Power {cool down second's} 30/45/105/110/115 {bleed damage per 10 second's} 10/15/20/25/30
Active skill: [Double Dicect] 60/80/100/120/140 + Ability Power {cool down second's} 40/50/100/110/120
{armor reduction} -5/-7/-10/-14/-18 {speed reduction} Skill level 1-5 30%
|Ulitmate| Active skill: [Catastroph Cannon] 300/325/350 + Ability Power {cool down second's} 175/185/195

Note: i am not the best a Skill making so if he some how i win i ask keep the effects but do what ever u think can balance him out just aslong as his apearence is some what i imagined and his skills names stay the same. i hope you enjoyed my entry for the any of the contest('s)