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Ryze mini build Guide and tips

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I've been playing Ryze for the past two weeks or so and I've learned a lot in that time and I thought I'd share. I'm going to start with my build order.

Items #1 (at spawn): Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Potions

Item #2: Tear of the Goddess (can buy it when you hit 600 gold. It builds off the Sapphire Crystal)

Item #3: Catalyst the Protector (can buy another Sapphire Crystal when hit 400gold)

Item #4: Mercury Treds

Note: Items 3 and 4 can be swapped or built simultaneously

Item #5: Void Staff (another Sapphire Crystal and two Amplifying Tombs)

Item #6: Frozen Heart

Item #7: Archangels Staff (builds from Catalyst the Protector)

Playing Ryze

1. Target enemy champions in your lane and spam your Spell Flux
2. Get all three of your abilities early to get your cooldown special.
3. Alternate getting spell flux and overload and your ULT (desperate power) whenever you can. (I've played going heavy overload or heavy spell flux and had success with both)


I go heavy in the Utilities and go for cooldown. If you have extra after getting to the bottom of Utilities put the rest in Offense again with an eye for cooldown time.

What do you think my reasoning is for this build? Do you see why it might be successful?
Any thoughts on changes?

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There is a guide out there which is similar to your thoughts, and also pretty much the same way I started playing Ryze. Can't be bothered finding the link right now, but it's out there.

I never really liked Ryze until they changed him, but I found a liking for this new Ryze lately. For the new Ryze you pretty much just need 3 things:

1) Mana
2) Cooldowns
3) Survivability (Ryze is one squishy dude if you ask me)

Lucky for us, there are about 4-5 items that fit this need perfectly, and you summed up pretty much all of them...

Tears is a must to get as soon as possible, I also start with the Sapphire Crystal and 2 health pots (which are usually very needed). As soon as I have enough gold for Tears, I go to the shop and start spamming my skills (which you should be doing anyway).

The Archangel is built from the tears and not the catalyst as you mentioned, but from the catalyst you can build a banshee's veil. You'll have 5 items (Archangels, Mercury Threads, Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart, Void Staff), for your 6th you can decide, if the game drags on to go for more survivabilty (Guardian Angel or so) or more damage (Zhonya's Ring or so) but if you ever get that far, I pity you. Or you can keep the last item spot open for Oracle's Elixir (evelyn, twitch and shaco WILL hate you), or Brilliance Elixir for some cheap extra damage...

I take Frozen heart most of the time (cooldowns, mana, armor), but if the team is caster heavy and armor is of little use, I might fancy a Nashor's Tooth... A little less cooldown, but it gives your auto attack a bit more punch.

Masteries 9/0/21 for maximum cooldown benefit...

I can't really get the full benefit yet since I'm not a level 30 caster yet, but I can feel the promising damage output already. At the moment I feel this is a slow developing build where you can only really show your power at late game. I've had varying results with this build, but not being level 30, and not having any runes at the moment is not really contributing to my success (or failure). But I can feel the power of the rogue mage, even without having reached my full potential as a summoner at this point in time