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So I just saw a thread about Cthulu or something...

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And it got me thinking:

Who is the better in the office? Him, or Dr. Mundo?

Mundo has crasy social skills, an upbeat attitude and numerous ways of making death threats, allowing him to move up in the business as he pleases, but Cthulu has that "I'm a dark god obey me or die" style of doing things which earns him extra points.

So I've decided to take a couple of pictures of them at work:

Now, let us, as business men, look at these pictures and examine which is more suited to corporate life.

Two from me

- if you look at Cthulu you can see that he has a tentacle coming out of his suit, not very good for the work place.

- Mundo is clearly proactive, he is working, on the phone even though he doesn't even know what time it is (look at his watch)