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4 Player FFA Map Idea/Concept

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See terribly drawn out map/design thing.

Ok so. Like 5 minions will go left, 5 will go right, and about 10 will go mid. This'll cause most players to obviously go mid (so mid needs to be a big area). However having the side paths will also cause a player to have other lanes they need to defend meaning they can't just push straight on through. Now the minions going mid will go straight for the player directly across, if this player is defeated the minions will then split and join the side routes. You don't need to worry about your middle lane anymore (unless a champion turret dives) because no minions will be going after your turret, they'll still go directly across. So this gives you an advantage over the other 2 players as you now have more minions going to the side-lanes then them.

Now if the 1st person eliminated wasn't directly across from you, then the minions that took the side path to the person who was eliminated will then join up with your middle minions (Now like 15 going mid). Once all but 2 players are eliminated all minions will take the path that leads directly to whichever opponent is remaining. And finally only 1 can win.

1.Having multiple ways to defend keeps a player on their toes.
2.Dynamic mid-action (theoretically).
3.New map (2 is pretty boring, though I heard a new one might be coming).

1. Last hit/ksing (though this could in a way be a good thing as a strategic factor)
2. Double/Triple teaming (common in FFAs)

Notes on things that might need re-working:
1.More turrets as the side paths as it could be too vulnerable (1 death and someone rushing your side path could spell GG)
2.Minion numbers obviously. Maybe if middle opponent is defeated side minions increase by 3 instead 5 as that might be too extreme as would 40minions middle all duking it out (though it would be a fun sight to see). So reduce the minion numbers, was just giving them as examples mostly.
3.Another thing that came to mind is with that many minions going middle (as well as opposing champions) most minions probably won't live to make it to the turret directly across. Specially with some of farmer champions like Nasus. 1 Spirit fire to that massive glob of minions and not only are your minions gone but he just got massively fed.
4. Due to the above note I decided to add reduce the gold gained from minion kills.

Feel free to comment on what's good, what's bad, or even improve on the idea altogether. And maybe if someone could make a better map design...my mspaint skills suck.

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4 Player FFA isn't gonna work.
1. It's impossible get a decent CS.
2. Ranged/AP champions are OP vs melee.
3. Nice to feed you neighbor by letting him last hit enemy's when he has Meja's.
4. The surrender time in TT is already 15 minutes because with a bad start you will lose 4/5 games so people will become useless if they have like 3 deaths on this map due lack of items and exp.
5. .... Ect.