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Item Shop - Filter Mode

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One of my favorite features in LoL is the interactive item shop, which makes buying items a breeze compared to DotA. Although experienced players (hell, this is beta for pete's sake) can soar through the item shop, knowing what tabs items are located under and what these items do, I fear that new players will be overwhelmed by the numerous effects that several tier 2-3 items have, intimidated by confusing text that they refuse to read clearly.

"Filter Mode" serves as an alternative method of sorting out items. In Filter mode, players literally filter items by what they provide (HP, Mana, Damage) or what effects they grant the user (Slow, Armor Reduction). Please refer to the thumbnail for a look at what Filter mode would look/be like (Obviously the interface I provided for the shop is flawed. The filter slide section could be thinner- but this is just an idea of what it might look like)

Although I listed some already existent tabs (HP, Mana, Damage) in Filter mode, I'm aiming more for sorting items that provide:

  • Slows
  • Passive Gold Gain
  • Armor Reduction
  • Spell Resistance Piercing
  • AoE Aura effects
  • Kill Bonuses (Mejai's Soulstealer, Bloodthirster, etc)
  • Mana Burn
  • Etc
That's just a list of Filter mode could possibly sort out. =D

EDIT: Drew a second illustration for the shop interface. :0