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Jax Help.

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Hey guys,

I have been playing for just over a week now (level 12) and I just recently bought Jax when he was cycled out. I don't see many Jax players so I have not really been able to see him in action to get any tips.

Is he not used because he is no longer any good?

My build usually follows the below. (bracket signify item order for mult-item items)

1. Boots, 3x health pots.
2. Phage (health then sword)
3. Phage (health then swowrd)
4. Zeal (AS then Critical)
5. Sheen (Ability power, then Mana)
6. Trinity
7. Phantom Dancer or Banshee's Veil depending on situation.

Summoners Spells (this is where I need some help)
1. Heal
I use this for basic survival and to keep me in a lane longer although Jax is squishy at the beginning with my build
2. Teleport
Use to get back into the action after a shop.

1- Leap Strike
2- Counter Attack
3- Leap Strike
4- Counter Attack
5- Empower
6- Ult

I usually go with Leap Strike first, after a lot of experimentation just so I can harass other champions to leave me to farm at the beginning. I have tried Leap Strike+Empower Combo but I find that I end up risking dieing trying to go for the kill so I go with Counter strike for the dodge and sometimes Leap Strike+Counterstrike combo for early kill on squishy champs. Even though I get Empower at lvl5 I usually don't level it up unless I have either maxed out the other three skills or I have already got quite a few kills and need some more killing power to keep on a roll.

I usually just spend levels 1-6 just picking off "last kills" until I can get the health stone and my first Phage. From here I can start to push a lot more and hopefully score a kill. I don't do any jungling. I seem to have a lot of trouble with Nida atm as she is really common because her heal pretty much voids any of my harassing with leap strike. I also have trouble with Nunu's slow orb and Veigar can be a problem if played well.

I am probably missing a lot of information but I am in serious need of some tips to become more competitive and my only fear is that it is going to come down to my champion selection

My current win-loss ratio is very pathetic (about 40 percent) and I seem to be going backwards with the 50-50 supposed average.

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Your build is okay but not superb. You go for 2 phages which helps when chasing but also cause you to deal subpar damage. You have all the making parts for a Trinity but don't pay 375 gold to complete it? Also, when playing any dps carry the jungle IS your BEST FRIEND. Jax with a Lizard buff is a rapist.

When you lane against someone that can easily harass you
a) **** them up early
b) stay away and last hit

The second option is less risky but can get frustrating. But don't worry, at lvl 6 with some lifesteal and a ninja tabi/madred's razors you can reliably jungle away from all that harassment. However don't be that idiot jungling during a teamfight and therefore ****ing over your entire team.

Their are merits to both ap and dps builds. Just experience with the game will help you play better. So play some more games and understand the strengths and weaknesses of Jax. Have fun.

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Yeah sorry I do get the Trinity, that is what I meant, no infinity. So should I substitute one of the phages for the madreds razors? Should it be the first or the second? I like the extra health as it helps me with pushing. I also sometimes go for the frozen mallet if I need even more health hence another reason I go two phages.

Thanks for the tips so far.

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tbh u gotta build him knowing what ur up against.

If u see a lotta physical carries, ur welcome to build him with phantom dancers, if u see a lotta casters and aoe type dmg, well magic resist is ur friend.

I've done countless builds and I would only go madreds if working to make bloodrazor cuz they have lots of tanks. Jax can jungle very easily couple pots and dodge boots makes it easy, so no worries about killing jungle creeps.

One of my favs is:

Boots (dodge, mercury or attack speed, depending on what I'm up against)
Catalyst early its good, plus u can always make banshee early if need be, but not before attack speed item

Next attack speed, totally up to u, mana drain one for the magic resist if casters, or hell make starks if feeling good.
If casters aren't a problem working towards trinity force isn't a bad choice but build Zeal first. No need for Phage too early, always got lizard if u need a slow. But yes if u skipped Catalyst make phage for the HP, Jax needs it bad, he leaps to the fight so ur almost always 1st or 2nd in the battle.

If your not sure what to build u can build the 40% attack speed item, and then Zeal, this way u'll already have the 40% atk speed boost without having to spend the extra to make it a specific item just yet.

Jax is a lot like Yi in many respects, attack speed is his friend!

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Dyrus' build is pretty solid.

1: Doran's Shield
2: Ninja Tabi
3: Phage
4: Emblem of Valor -- Now you can quickly take jungle with low risk due to the regen and leech!
5: Upgrade Phage to Mallet
6: Upgrade Emblem to Stark's Fervor
7: Banshee's Veil / Phantom Dancer / GA? I dunno, seems to me that his games tended to end before these items came into play.

Personally I like starting with a Ruby Crystal over the Shield and I like to build Catalyst out of it, but Dyrus' build has better staying power in lane early.

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I personally rly like start with a sapphire crystal and some pots.

It provides me a nice manapool for some early harassment with empover+jump and often a FB.

Then go on with tabi->sheen->phage->starks->trinity and u got a nasty set for some nice action.

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hey leonhart,

jax is my primary champ and i've played with dozens of builds, still varying and trying a lot. i'm just level 28 though with a little more than 210 games played.
but that's the reason i actually respond to this thread, i reckon you do not need pro tips yet.

2 phages appear to be too much of low value. the slow effect is just a chance and without proper attack speed it plain sux. the damage boost is low and won't help much that early.
you want one major attack speed boost before enhancing damage with jax. that being said, if the enemy team is quite balanced (physical/damage wise) i always go sword of divinity as my first major item after ninja tabi.

sword of divinity offers so much for jax for a good price. also, you can decide to pick up recurve bow or a dagger in between depending on how well the game is going. the sword's passive is just made for jax's ultimate and you can activate it to rampage through that nasty high armor tanks or your mirror counterpart. usually, once i got my tabi + recurve bow i start jungling/ganking/pushing/farming.

since i solo queue 95% of the time, i go with teleport and exhaust. the use of teleport is obvious and exhaust serves 2 purposes:
1.) slow if you can't net a kill otherwise
2.) disable a physical DPS in teamfights or occasional 1on1 clashes.
to me it's the most beneficial summoner spell for jax after trying out literally every combination there is.

after ninja tabi and my first attack speed enhancement the build can go anywhere and i highly recommend get a feel for what you need based on your team, the enemy team and how the game flows with your team. don't stick to a fix schedule or inflexible item build especially in solo games. i know that a lot of players just go for "teh" jax. but i found that varying builds help a lot. in general, i rarely add another pure attack speed item.

if you face a nasty physical DPS team (like a combination of yi, ashe and tristana) i suggest sticking to the standard phantom dancer build which includes skipping the divine sword and build 1 or 2 phantom dancers after your tabi. if you feel comfortable in using the divine sword, though, i prefer divine sword + phantom dancer in this case.

always keep in mind that the common attack speed/crit chance builds on jax rely on the fact, that you have to hit your target often to do a solid amount of damage. i rarely go that path for 2 reasons:

1.) you dont always get the chance to autoattack your enemy at will
2.) burst damage is scary, which might lead to your enemy fleeing thus giving you free hits and a smile when trying to flee from a leaping lantern swinging *******.

A quick shot on runes
Red: full armor penetration
Yellow: full dodge
Blue: full -cd (i leave them for all heroes, so jax goes with it as well)

Skill Build
There's no default for me. I usually head to my lane and wait until i know my enemies. When i face melees i go counterstrike first. not only will it improve your laning experience due to the fact of taking less damage, but it will open the opportunity for an early stun action with your lane mate.

When facing ranged casters i go leap strike first since it is the only half-reliable way to harass them, if at all possible.

Sometimes i even take empower first, usually when i face squishy melees like evelynn or shaco. if they are any good though it is unlikely you'll hit without leapstrike.

As i said, ninja tabi first + major attack speed increase.

some common tipps on items for jax:

lifesteal: i personally see no use in life steal items for jax. this includes stark's fervor as well. jax farming capabilities are awesome by nature and do not need any boost. if so, you
just might have forgotton to use any of your abilities. yes, it's allowed to use them on minions. the money spent on life steal essentially steals damage capabilities. from experience, a mere BF sword is more beneficial - money wise - than any of the life stealing items out there. jax is there to kill champs quickly not to slowly heal himself while giving away damage capability.

especially stark's suits other champs much better.

i highly recommend, once you got used to jax, to get one single major attack speed boost (45+ percent) and than focus on other damage sources (+ attack damage, + crit chance, or even +AP).
just try around. there's no drawback in getting a combined item that also adds attack speed, of course. last whisper is a good example in case you face a tanky tank team. but in general, once you've passed the 1.5 attacks per second mark don't put too much gold into attack speed anymore.

your ultimate adds the rest, don't waste it by capping your AS early and - again - forfeiting damage output. maxed out it adds 112% attack speed, and the faster you hit by increasing its stacks the more stacks you create and you will, eventually, sustain 8 stacks for team fights anyway meaing too much base attack speed caps you early thus stealing potential damage output. if there's nothing to do - DO NOT forget to hit minions.

to get a better feeling for your attack speed: watch your champ stats during game and see how fast your attack speed maxes out during fights. it's alluring to amass attack speed with jax, but not as effective as utilizing your ult and spend your money on +damage.

remember, everything's possible in solo queue games and chances are teams suck at properly balancing out their teams - adapt to it with your items. there's no shame in getting
a late game veil or angel, either.

a typical old school build of mine looks like this:
1.) Ninja Tabi
2.) Phantom Dancer/Sword of Divinity
3.) Infinity Edge
That's basically all he needs to rock the house for an affordable amount of 7100 gold, not counting potions.
4.) Banshee's Veil/Phantom Dancer/BF Sword as needed
Oh, and elixirs.

my new balanced build i really fell in love with after days of fine tuning:
1.) Ninja Tabi
2.) Sword of Divinity
3.) Guinsoo's Rageblade
4.) Sheen
5.) BF Sword

in long game Sheen and BF Sword can be upgraded to the obvious Trinity Force and Infinity Edge. This is the most flexible and balanced damage output i found so far. i just love it but might still find ways to fine tune it. it relies more on using your abilities well (since i want to take advantage of my slight AP boost) so you might find the first one easier, as it has a lot of output with auto attacking as well.

also don't forget that jax's passive adds 15% to all damage attributes added with items.
so guinsoo's + bf sword add to 97.75 additional damage instead of 85. also, there's space for a 2nd guinsoo, a phantom dancer, a rylai's or even a nashor's tooth. ppl laugh at this build but end game
record usually silences them.

if you are really comfortable and feel like pwning the **** out of this game, get a sword of the occult early (after your major attack speed item though).
it pays off if you get the stacks maxed, but it's a complete waste if you don't, or die too often.

also, it's not always your fault even if you suck with your build one game chances are your team just sucked as a whole. nobody to blame here, go to the next game and try again.
don't change everything based on a single loss.

A few more random tipps:
1.) don't be scared to engage your opponent inmidst a wave of enemy creeps. they are your friends and provide free counterstrikes. this is especially true when you are past the first few levels and minion damage (if they hit you at all) becomes negligable. this is also true for team battles.

2.) if you anticipate an ongoing team battle, find a minion and hit it 2 times (or wait for relentless assault to proc and then hit a minion 2 times) -> activate empower -> leap at a weak target and watch your relentless assault + empower + sheen proc scare the hell out of your target. 1 more attack and
the sword procs as well, with my current new build that takes base damage into account this is just an incredible combination.

2b) i mentioned earlier that hitting creeps also keeps your relentless assault stacks up - use it to your advantage, even during short breaks in champ clashes.

3.) it's usually easy to farm well with jax. if this is true for you buy elixir of agility or fortitude during base stopovers. oh, and don't forget to actually quaff them

4.) get the lizard buff whenever you have the chance to. you can easily kill the guy from level 6 on. it's entirely possible but harder before you get your ultimate. also, kill the big lizard first since the small ones provide the counterstrikes. this applies to the golem as well.

5.) with a base itemization (tabi + divine for example) and a level 2 ult you can easily kill the dragon solo. again, you can do it before but it will take more time and effort.

6.) in team fights, don't engage first. wannabe gosus will call you a coward or noob or whatever. ignore them. they probably didn't play jax as much as you or me. you can't exactly take a lot of damage without being sent to your maker. do not initiate. rather, keep moving around the fighting zone, scare the hell out of their squishies by your mere presence and wait for your opportunity. this usually means
waiting for the squishy damage dealer to show up or seeing their DPS carry to participate in a fight. if it doesn't happen on time or the fight is going on for 3 or 4 seconds already, take the most dangerous guy and jump on him.
yi, ashe and the like. i also exhaust the most annoying physical DPS champ if it's up.
when the main phase is over, use leap strike to finish off fleeing champs or those channeling nasty AoEs.

that's your role after all: take the big damage dealers out, !!place your stun properly!! and chase off fleeing champs.

7.) what if the other team is like "let's take jax out first!" ?
no worries. you properly refined your items to partly counter their champ setup right? your dodge + exhaust should make you a hard kill for physical DPS carries.
against a caster heavy team with lots of disables your timing on entering a battle is even more crucial, also banshee's veil might make up for that initial stun that will hit you otherwise.

8.) don't attack rammus first!

using Countrstrike properly might need a whole guide by itself, so i hope this is a good start for you.

devil **** it, where did that freaking wall of text come from?

sorry and enjoy the game!

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I use almost the same build like Necrax posted above. Although i am curious how would Jax work with attack speed runes ?. Maybe someone will share my opinion

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Thanks everyone and thanks Necrax (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=426237#) for the effort in your huge post. Can someone please point me to some information about the "sword of divinity", I can't find it in the item list. Has it been removed?

I am at work at the moment and I can't wait to try out the new build.

I want to get my skill up so I can get out of the tier which is rife with leavers and afk.

EDIT: I have taken some more time to go over your build just to see how it will all work. I LOVE the fact that it has really high damage and will definitely cause some issues. I have a couple of questions besides the question about the sword of divinity above.

1. I build to phages for the health and slight damage increase. Health for me is a huge help for survivability and harrassment. There does not seem to be any health in the build at all but that could be that I am just playing my Jax wrong. Does this build work without soloing?

2. Do you have any trouble with survivability and being the target of all champs when team battling?

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Hey Necrax, I deeply appreciate your feedback. Perhaps you could share your opinion about slightly different build?

I'm going often tabi -> phage -> recurve -> guinsoo's -> divinity sword -> mallet -> another guinsoo's

phage early helps staying alive and 25% slow often helps in ganks.

what do you guys think?