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I think the only thing wrong with UDYR right now is that he does not have much 5v5 use. To fix this, I suggest the following

a) Make his tiger strike blows, all 3, have the chance to crit.
b) make his stun duration increase by .25 per enemy champion within a 800 yard radius up to a maximum of 2 seconds.
c) Either have turtle stance slow movement speed or slow attack speed. It's 'turtle' stance, not "can't crit" stance.

I think slowing movement speed, while making sense for a turtle, doesn't really help much in a tanking stance. What might make more sense is that all +attack speed items and auras no longer effect him while in turtle stance.. Or just a flat attack speed penalty. Or maybe even a 10% chance to miss. Something that makes more sense for a "turtle." Possibley double the shield, decrease it's AP ratio, and make him 10-15% slower in movement speed would also be a good exchange.

Right now udyr is one of the least crit friendly champions there is.

He is a very fun champion, which is why i like him. Unfortunetley i cannot justify playing him over pretty much all other heroes with my premades. I would like to be able to play him without getting yelled at or having people leave games before they start during champ select


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My thoughts are that he's fine and I've already had people yell at me for playing a champ that Riot supposedly over-buffed. He's clearly not OP, but he is playable, just hard to play effectively. He has a very clear progression of how you're supposed to play him at certain parts of the game. Early you need to be defensive and DO NOT try to gank, try and farm as much as you can (likely with phoenix stance) because he really needs items before he can become more useful in a team. Mitigate ranged/spell harassment with well timed turtle stances and backing off when appropriate. Popping turtle stance and then running in to last hit creeps is also generally effective, as long as the other team doesn't have a pile of stuns/snares or MIAs that could pop up behind you.

Late game he pretty much becomes a melee carry with some interesting abilities. More or less a melee ashe with stronger aoe, light damage mitigation (which sucks badly when focused in group fights) a 1 second stun you can use every 5 sec, and 4 seconds of ghost whenever you need it. Technically a guaranteed crit every 3.6-6 sec also, though I personally hate tiger stance.

You can't initiate fights, which most Udyrs try and fail at miserably. Wait for a tank to initiate group fights, pop turtle, switch to bear, run at their ranged carries, go to phoenix and as soon as you hit them they're stunned, taking aoe damage, and you have a 300-400 damage shield on you, and depending on your items your initial hit probably took 1/4 of their health off right away. At this point chances are their team is busy with your team while their carry has switched to you and desperately trying to get you off of them, but as long as your team is doing a decent job, they're ****ed. Stance dance between turtle and phoenix, or if they start to run bear and phoenix (making sure to run in front of them after a bear stun, then running next to them while hitting them) and they're dead. Then proceed to whoever's doing the 2nd most damage on down the line. Udyr does a lot of damage, just have to be careful not to get focused down because he does go down fast. Know when to retreat also, if you start getting focused in a team fight chances are you can turtle/bear out of there alive and their team will pointlessly try to chase you while your team can pick them off as they're running at you.