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Soraka help.

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Play aggressive, nobody expects it!

Disclaimer: I am not a Soraka expert, it's just a style that I've been finding effective.

I stack RoA on her, then go for Zhonya's and Archangel's, not necessarily in that order. Makes her a tough cookie, gives you oceans of mana to swim in, and boosts all your abilities nicely. What people forget is that low AP ratios become more powerful with a low cooldown - and Starfall has a very low cooldown for what it does. The damage isn't astounding, but the magic resist penalty is surprisingly dangerous. I try to lane with a decent damage dealer, and mob the enemy with Starcall and Infuse.

Yes, I use Infuse offensively. It sounds odd, but going Wish > Infuse > Starcall > Astral Blessing works nicely. Wish is one of the single most powerful abilities out there in terms of how it can change a fight, and it heals a huge amount, especially with double AP ratio. And then Infuse...

Yes, it gives you or someone else free mana. Have you considered that at max rank, it's a manaless 3s silence small nuke? 250 damage isn't huge, but it's a decent chunk, especially if you get lvl 5 mid-game. When I've got my first RoA and a second in the works, my mana is usually pretty health; by midgame, I'll be using a maxed out infuse purely offensively. It's annoying as sin for the enemy, all the more so because not many people know about it, and there's no effect; just an instant effect. I wouldn't be surprised if my enemies think it's one of my allies, because that's just Soraka, she only heals...

Using the fact that an offensive Soraka is unexpected is all part of the game. She is not a solo champ by any standards - her damage output is average at best. It's the synergy of her abilities, surprisingly nasty CC (3s is a loooooong time in a team fight to not be able to cast spells, as any Tryndamere will tell you), heals and half-decent damage on everything nearby that makes her deadly. You'll rack up assists and even kills like no tomorrow if your team works together well.

One final remark: your bane is Fiddlesticks. A well timed Terrify/Drain/Dark Wind combo will either kill you or utterly neuter you. I actually developed the concept of maxing out Infuse to counter a Fiddlesticks - it created the amusing back-and-forth of 'Silence wars', trying to nail each other first.

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if you get on my friendslist and look i play soraka alot.

I would say that she is by far the most easy to play champ in the game for me based on her ability to heal and gain mana keeping me away from town longer than any other champ.

I get first bloods and can solo against 2 no problem with her, usually killing my enemies one after the other.

In premades on vent there is more trouble. people KNOW soraka has to die first. she heals everyone and that just can't happen. It is much harder for me because usually I lead pushes and down towers in solo Q but cannot because out in front her lack of HP and armor gets the enemy team to focus without major nukes, thus wasting my time.

my build is different
mana manip if laning with someone i know
the ap book if i don't know them
then boots if i die or blasting wand if i don't

i pump infuse first with heal, starfall and ult can wait till late game when my ap is giant from the zonias ring and more blasting wands, nashors tooth and aegis of the legion if my team isn't full of fail and aids and sticks together near endgame.

I am a strait killer with soraka and she's seldom on the opposing team.

Like janna she is way undervalued.

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There are two ways to play Soraka.

The first is Aura support. Pick up Aegis of the Legion, Soul Shroud, Frozen Heart, MAYBE Innervating Locket, etc.

The second way is Heal support. Pick up AP items, starting with Rod of Ages (picking up a goddess's tear before completion if you can afford it), a second Rod or Rylai's, Archangel's staff.

Either way.