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[Champion Suggestion]: Ralphington, The Champion of the Sea

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Sir Ralphington
The Champion of the Sea

Story: Driven by his determination to destroy all those who corrupt the love of his life, the sea, Ralphington has dedicated his life to rid the world of pirates. An expert sailor, master angler, and ex-marine, most pirates didn't stand a chance against Ralphington and his crew. He destroyed hundreds of pirate ships, until he met the Sal****er Scourge himself in battle.

Captain Gangplank destroyed his ship, slaughtered his crew, and had Ralphington walking the plank in a matter of minutes. Chained and sinking fast, Ralphington thought it was all over. As he began to fall unconcious, a pack of narwhals swam by and carried him to the surface. For what seemed like days, the narwhals carried Ralphington. Eventually, they arrived at a small island and let Ralphington go. Upon reaching the land, his chains seemd to magically loosen, and he slipped out of them. Ralphington got to his feet, and felt drawn towards the center of the island.

Through some brush and palm trees, Ralphington discovered a glowing blue rune with a feast of fruit lain around it. He could hear the whisper of the sea; it spoke to him, told him to touch the rune. The sea was grateful for his efforts to cleanse the waters of those who abused them. Upon contact with the rune, his world was flipped upside down.

Magic surged through his veins. Ralphington was transfigured into an amphibious, half man, half fish beast. With his newly acquired powers, Ralphington vowed to use his second chance at life to kill Gangplank, and destroy piracy. His first stop when he reached the mainland was the Institute of War.

Appearance: Murlocish. http://fidgit.com/murloc.jpg

Basic attack: Ralphington wields an anchor in one hand, and uses the steering wheel of his old ship as a shield in the other.
(Q) Anchor Toss: Ralphington tosses his anchor high into the air. After a short duration it will fall onto a targeted location. Any enemy champions hit by the anchor will take damage and become concussed, decreasing their attack speed by x for y seconds.
(W) Blow the Conch, Ralph!: Ralphington blows into a conch shell. For x seconds after the conch shell is blown, Ralphington's team mates may teleport to his location. Any enemies within y radius are demoralized because they don't have such a sweet conch shell, and their movespeed is decreased by z for a few seconds.
(E)Poisonous Urchin: Ralphington tosses a poisonous sea urchin at a targeted area(skillshot). If an enemy champion is hit by the urchin, a stacking debuff is applied that reduces regeneration rates, and increases ability cooldowns. The more stacks of poison on a target, the longer the duration of the debuff, and the more effective it is.
(R)(Ulti) Summon: Giant Enemy Crab: Ralphington summons a giant crab. The crab has high armor and health, but doesn't deal much damage. If the crab is attacking an enemy champion, there is a chance that it will grab the champion. Whilst grabbed, the champion may attack and use it's abilities, but the crab can drag them around wherever it likes.
(Passive)Hypocrisy: Ralphington is only opposed to piracy on the seas. Any enemy buffs cast within x range are also cast on Ralphington, for 25% of the duration.

So yeah, first champion suggestion. Thoughts? AMIDOINITRITE?!

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Salt Water