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[Guide] Kassadin - A blink of an eye.

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Kassadin, The Void Walker


Null Sphere
Best used to take out single targets it is still an invaluable tool in helping out your teammates and silencing the others team most annoying casters (fiddlesticks, nunu, veigar etc).

Nether Blade
You wont be using this for the first 10 levels. And the mana you get from it is somewhat lame compared to Udyr's turtle stance. Late game it might help you get your mana back but by that time you should have a very big mana pool so it shouldn't be a problem.

Force Pulse
This is Kassadins most powerful move when combined with Riftwalk and Null Sphere. In teamfights you should be able to spam it on as many members of the opposition at the same time. Bringing out your true aoe potential.

This is what makes Kassadin one of the most difficult to kill champions in the game and at the same time a real threat to anyone who wanders around in the map. No one will get away from you as long as you can sustain the mana usage.

2. Introduction
This guide aims at allowing players who haven't tried Kassadin to feel inclined into doing so. The first time I played Kassadin I did horribly. I followed the recommended item builds and it felt like even though a hybrid build did "some" damage. He was unable to finish the job. Either because he ran out of mana or because his AP burst damage simply wasn't enough.

3. Items
-Saphire Crystal, x2 pot
-Catalyst + regular boots

This is your basic ganking setup. With the catalyst and the boots you should be able to head over to a lane at lvl 6-7 and unleash your combo with the help of your teammate. It the enemy does survive the burst you simply chase for 4 seconds and repeat riftwalk + silence on them.

From here on your build will vary depending on what your opposition is doing. If you are owning you could go for a soulstealer. But you should note that it will draw a lot of attention to you and there are few case scenarios where you will be able to reach 20 stacks without dying. However, given the 435 + 800 = 1235 price of soulstealer. Getting more than 60 ap on it will make it worth its price. So its a good option if you have a positive score with less than 2 deaths.

If your enemies start stacking Magic resist then void staff is the obvious choice. A sheen can be nice too for the extra hit proc and the mana. You can also later turn it into a lich bane for some serious burst power and more melee capabilities.

-Eventually you might wanna turn the Catalyst into a rod of ages. But not at low level though. Even though the ap boost from the rod of ages is nice the mana/health on level up will allow you to keep on ganking without having to blue pill. So stick to the catalyst at least till lvl 11 and start working on your next items meanwhile.

-Your next item should be Zonyas ring. Sadly the game will probably be over before you finish it.

Sidenote: Elixir of brilliance is kassadins best friend. On a normal game I will use 3-4 of them total. They give you Ap and reduce your cooldowns. Whenever you have extra 300 gold you should buy this. Unless you are tight on gold.

-Boots. This is very debatable. There are 3 types of boots you can consider with Kassadin. Sorcerer Boots. Even though the magic pen is nice you wont really be needing it if you get a void staff. And getting these will probably cause your enemies to start stacking magic resist. Which you dont want them to. On a side note. A simply stat comparison will prove that mercury treads are way better than these. 20 magic pen vs 35 magic resist and a 40% reduction on snares/etc?. However, there is a 3rd choice which will allow you to move around the map and really augment your ganking capabilities. Movespeed 5 boots. Yes, as kassadin you will spent a lot of time in and out of combat. So these will make your traveling times (which you do travel a lot) faster. In combination with Riftwalk you will be able to chase people down,g et to teamfights faster and even defend your base.

4. Skilling Order
1: Null Sphere
2: Force Pulse
3: Null Sphere
4: Force Pulse
5: Null Sphere
6: Riftwalk
7: Force Pulse
8: Null Sphere
9: Force Pulse

The reason you get Null Sphere first is because in most case scenarios racking Force Pulse stacks without Riftwalk wont be easy. Once you hit 6 getting the 5 stacks is very easy so Force Pulse will become your bread and butter skill.

5. Summoner Abilities
I have tried different setups when it comes to Summoner abilities and I must say the new clarity works wonders on him. Countless times have enemies gotten away because I didnt have enough mana for my next riftwalk. At lvl 7 clarity will give you more than half your mana bar. That is enough to unleash your burst combo again. Not to mention it can also help your lane partner. Your other summoner ability can be either exhaust, ignite, or anything else you like taking. Exhaust will help you chase people and it works well against opponents with Cleanse or some sort of slow/stun mitigation (banshees veil). Personally I dont take ignite because it doesnt fit into my masteries. But it is also a viable option. It will provide your combo deadlier at low levels. Whereas exhaust will help you against 1v1 Dps champions who decide not to run from you and try to tank you to death. Sometimes it can prove dangerous.

6. Creep Jungling
Even though kassaadin is not a strong jungler he is one of the champions that benefits the most from golem buff. It will allow you to riftwalk all over the map with no mana concerns. If needed be, ask for help to kill it faster. You can kill it by yourself but it will hurt your hp and take you a while. Elixir and golem buff combined will make you a caster to be scared off even when you are half way across the map.

7. Working in the team
In teamfights you should be spamming force pulse as often as possible. Always trying to get as many enemies slowed as possible. The fact that everyoneo is using skills will make it spammable. So its pretty much a 300+ aoe slow that you can spam. Powerful indeed. Use your silence to stop main casters or healers from doing their job. And if needed use your exhaust on their main dps. If at any moment one of their members splits from the taem you should inmediately riftwalk and start killing that person. You have great 1v1 capabilities and you can easily kill someone and get out without them even noticing. You cannot tank. So be sure not to get stunned and not to draw too much aggro towards you. If someone is getting chased slow their whole team fight and walk with them. Remember you can easily get away but your teammates cant. So always try to help them out when in trouble.

8. Farming
Even though your attack damage is not high. Your attack animation is short and consistent. Last hitting is a must. Stay in the back and go in for the last hits. If you get harrased answer back with a Null Sphere. Let them know you can also throw **** at them. If everyting is calm and steady you can even throw in a force pulse to take out a full creep wave and push the tower. But under normal circumstances you want to use it on both the enemy champions and their creeps just for some extra gold and harrasment all in one.

I made this guide on leaguecraft but I thought id share it over here too.