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Getting into the Christmas Spirit, Christmas Rune Help?!

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So... Christmas is coming up and to get into the christmas spirit I've decided that I'm going to make a Christmas rune page for myself...
I want to make it kind of versatile so that it can fit in or be useful with most champions; so now I'm considering which runes I should try and get...
They'll all have to be christmas themed so here are the options at the moment:

Tier 1:

- Lesser Mark of the Yuletide Tree (+0.62% Crit Chance)
- Lesser Glyph of the Gracious Glyph (+0.12 AP per Level - 2.16 at 18)
- Lesser Seal of the Stout Snowman (+0.72 Health per level - 12.96 at 18)

Tier 2:

- Mark of the Crippling Candy Cane (+2.2% Crit Damage)
- Glyph of the Special Stocking (-0.58% Cooldowns)
- Seal of the Elusive Snowflake (+0.67% Dodge)

I'd rather get 9 of one type of rune rather than maybe getting 4 dodge runes and 5 health or something....

Um... I'm a big DPS Teemo Fan but also really like Jax and Warick aswell as a lot of other characters but those would be my mains...
I'm only saying that if it helps in any way for you guys to choose which runes I should be getting but I woud still like them to hopefully kind of work for other characters rather than specifically those three, although I'll probably get more rune pages for specific purposes once I hit level 20...

So... Incase you don't understand this, I'm basically asking you to make me a rune page (bar Quitessences although you can rec me a few to go with your page if you want to) out of those Christmas runes which i stated that will hopefully come in handy for most heroes...
If it's possible...

Also, Sorry but are there any tier 3 Christmas runes as I can't see any but I'm only level 14 at the moment so won't be able to use them anyway if they exist but would still like to know.

Thank You!

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Note: Finished Editing =D


Incase it helps...

Champs I Own:

~ Ashe
~ Master Yi
~ Rammus
~ Sivir
~ Teemo
~ Warick

I'm saving up for at the moment:

~ Jax
~ Ryze
~ Tryndamere
~ Evelyn
~ Cho'Gath
~ Tristana
~ Singed
~ Shaco
~ Veigar