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Concerning Sivir

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Hello, this is my first time posting on these forums; I plan to be a more active community member.

My question is currently, I play Sivir and have found a good build I use, but I want to know if there's any advice or tips on how to make this build better. I havent found a guide with a good sivir build up IMO

I do

Longsword>Phage>Recurser bow>That night bow thing(Last something?)>Greaves> BF>BloodThirster>InFinity edge>Trio

Sorry I do not have the names yet memorized.

Cooperation is highly appreciated in advance.

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Should go in the guides section.

Getting Chalice first let's you pretty much leave Ricochet on forever.

I don't play her often but I usually go

Meki -> Chalice
Boots -> Zerker/Merc
Vamp -> Executioner's Calling
Longsword -> Phage \
Phage ->Frozen Hammer / Tend to skip this if we have control of jungle and I can get red rune consistantly

B.F. Sword -> Infin Edge
B.F. Sword -> Black Cleaver