Tristana build

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What is the best build to go for on Tristana? I know attack speed is nice for her but she has an ability that already increases it so i normally wait till later in game to grab attack speed stuff... so anyway should i stack Ability power so that Rocket Jump, Explosive Shot, and Buster Shot hit harder? or is stacking attack damage so i can use Rapid Fire and chew through standing still people and towers? or is there another build?

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This should really be in the Guides section... but eh, I'll answer anyway.

Attack speed/damage is generally considered the best way to go. The disadvantage is that it's a true carry build - it takes time to put together to be really effective. However, when she is fully DPS built, she can tangle with the best of them.

AP Tristana is viable... kind of. Early-to-mid game, she's extremely deadly, thanks to high AP ratios. Late game, however, she just dies. This is because a) one of her nukes, rocket jump, involves literally jumping into the middle of the action, which isn't healthy for a squishy, and b) her cooldowns hold her back, so that she's no longer able to outright kill. AP Tristana used to be more popular, I think, but I don't see a future in builds that are of minimal use late-game.