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Which tank makes the best semi-DPS?

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AP build singed. You'll gain hp from ability power/Mana/magic resist type items. If you are going against an organized team and your team is bad its probably not going to help you, but you can lolpeerocket through a team of carries.

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lets break this down alittle here to better typify what you could be asking and others reading might be looking for and identify what to me and many others should be preatty obvious.

Full tank that can dps: I classify this as a tank who goes full tank and does not mix for damage but can still do damage. You know, the real deal. The whole enchilada...

Cho'gath Even with 0 ap his rupture (stun), scream (silence), and feast finisher (800 dmg) do tons and tons of damage. He can do all this in a full on tank build with no focus on AP.

Nasus - His direct hit builds up damage all on its own, you can get it to pack quite a wallop without any direct item support. His ult is awesome for damage as well and he has a super sweet slow. Just like Cho he can do all this without sacrificing tank ability.

Nunu - His ult hurts plain and simple straight out of the box. His direct damage slow ball is awesome as well and can be spammed relatively easy. He too can go full on tank and still be dangerous damage wise.

(This is alphabetical order and not any order of greatness. I prefer cho for his feast finisher but thats just me.)

This reason is why all three of these guys are tanks used in high elo games because they are tanks you cannot ignore without giving up any of there beefy tanky attributes.

There are other categories of tanks as well i will list here, but not go into detail on because i frankly dont care about them as much presently. I am trying to master the real tanks.

Mostly tank with some dps itemization

The Half and half tank

The attempt to be a carry tank

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chogath is rarely ever used in any elo range.

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I like sion and nassus for that. They don't have all that much in the way of disable type abilities but neither can they be ignored. So the opposing team has to deal with you and can't afford to ignore you (especially a physical dps sion), thus fulfilling your tank role. What makes them nice for this is they're both really good farmers that can snowball nicely.

That said, both can also be shut down and will have a hard time whacking things that are trying not to get whacked so unless your team is designed such that others can pin targets down, you'll spend more time chasing than swinging. That's not the end of the world since running more or less takes them out of the fight too but it is obviously less desirable.

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Piranha Petunia

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I really really really like Rammus.

Taunt w/o cooldown items (at rank 5 at least) has a 9 second cooldown. 4 of those seconds the enemy is attacking you, so in reality the cooldown is 5 seconds. Add some cooldown items to that and just watch the enemy get frustrated.

He makes enemy teams think twice and even thrice times about coming in to get your tower, including coming to get that 5 HP guy who got away and is b'ing next to the tower with you next to him. When laning he can keep your tower up forever even if you have 2 ranged against you constantly keeping you next to your tower, thanks to tower ranged being increased.

In late game Master Yi hates, and I mean HATES Rammus. In group fights I just taunt Yi when he arrives and watch him kill himself on my Thornmail and DBC. The rest of the team helps bring him down of course (if they're smart anyway), but the amount of damage Yi does to himself from you alone is usually enough to get him to the 10% health range with his ult on.

Trynd has issues against Rammus as well. If you can count to 4, and Trynd is still there trying to fight you after blowing his ult (his ult lasts 7 seconds, your taunt lasts 4), taunt him for a super easy kill. In that one second, he will hit you, and your Thornmail will kill him.

Taunt also stops channeling.

Rammus really only has weakness against magic chars, but you should have enough health as a tank to get away anyway. Just remember that he does have low health for a tank, and that his main role is anti-physical-dps-carry, and you will see how awesome this guy is.