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New Skins Now Available: Surfer Singed and Primal Udyr

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Lord Mayhem

Senior Member


Looks like the images are busted. I just viewed them yesterday. Oh well. Bottom line is that the singed skin is lame (besides the different colored gas) and the udyr one is epic!

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Kanji Souta



Go udyr! Go udyr! Go udyr!

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Die Nacht

Senior Member


Wait, there is something wrong with the first pic of Udyr. The angle, is not right.

Is this an preview of an rotating map feature?

EDIT: Just looked up the Singed skin gameplay on YouTube. No voice over? He is a completely different character. I was expecting something like Bolaf (Bro culture ~ Surfer culture. Both filled with guys who think they are teenagers).

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Junior Member


Here's the comic text for those interested.

When rage is beyond your control..Like fire it will consume eveyrthing in its path…but here among the monks..I have become something greater than myself…I have conquered my rage. I have become one with the four eternal spirits that protected this temple ages ago.Through me, the spirits still guard this place…from the nightmares that seek to claim this temple’s power as their own.I am the tiger-Swift,fierce, Lord of all beasts. I this temple were to fall…A great darkness would be awakened and overtake all of runeterra. So I will protect it at any cost. Your numbers mean nothing. I am the turtle! The wise protector and preserver of life! I am more than e mere man. I am the bear!! The unyielding avatar of force! I am the Pheonix! The ancient redeemer and purifier! With their strenght, I fear nothing.
For though the world may stand against me. I am never truly alone!