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jungling help and tips

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so I'm trying to figure out how to jungle well, and I found out the hard way that going into a practice match doesn't exactly help as the creeps are a lot worse. This being said, how should I go about jungling well? I know I need smite and either rally or fortify(for the extra damage against creeps), but aside from that, what items should I get when and such. I'm only summoner level 17 so I don't have access to a lot but just trying to do this. Any advice would be useful.

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Never take rally and smite both. Once you get out of noobie island, taking both spells is just begging for an early gank or frequent ganks in the jungle by the other team. If you are below summoner level 20 you should probably take smite. Smite is the best spell for jungling but it's useless in the late game and you don't really need it once you have tier 3 runes and masteries.

Masteries are probably the most important part of jungling. You're going to want 21 points in offense, and it should be pretty self-explanatory which ones you should get. Runes are mostly preference, but you can can't really go wrong with anything like attack, crit percentage, crit damage, dodge, health, or in some champions cases mana or mana regen.

At this point it really depends on what champ you are jungling with. Some are just naturally better at jungling. Not everybody can jungle from level 1, or at least not well. Champs with lifesteal, health regen, aoe effects, and high attack speed are generally the best at jungling. Warwick and Udyr are probably the easiest to jungle with.

You want to try to be unpredictable but most routes start with Golem -- the mana buff and cooldown reduction will allow you to use your abilities freely. Always attack the golem first, then the small lizards (same with lizard buff). Only enter the opponent's jungle if you know they don't have a champ jungling. Try to do dragon as early as possible for the team's sake, but don't get embarassed and die. Do a few practice games with bots, figure out how fast you can jungle and how often you need to recall. Figure out what level you can do dragon. Figure out if you can take wraiths without mana at level 2, or fight lizard at level 3 without smite. Figuring out what you can and can't do in these kinds of situations will go a long way in helping you jungle properly

Eventually I would suggest taking rally over smite. It is a great spell for team battles, allows your team to take dragon at the beginning of the game or lets you fight golem easily at the beginning of the game. Smite is a bit of a crutch but at level 17 you're probably better off taking smite/heal rather than rally/whatever because you don't have the runes and masteries to roll without smite.

Madred's Razor is probably the best item for jungling, but it all depends on the champ. Rushing to it is easy; take cloth armor, 3-5 health potions, and clearing your whole bottom jungle should get you close to 700 gold, enough to recall back for madred's.

BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! There are a lot of good guides on how to jungle on this forum, guides for several different champs, variations of each of them... and I can tell you now, the best thing you can do is to try and NOT follow any of them exactly as written. I've seen a lot of people get ganked in the jungle and they never fully recover from it, they either have to lane or they start getting killed by creeps a few minutes into the game. Try to be unpredictable, try to start at different areas, maybe lane until level 3 and then go jungle. Just don't do a cookie cutter build, good players will punish you to no end for doing so.