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Need advice: Tristana vs Tristana

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Junior Member


I'm a Tristana player...and oddly while I have no trouble fighting off other champs, I often get stumped by another good Tristana...

Any advice would be helpful...

FYI, I know the jump push tower thing

and what items should i get first?

i used to get hp gem first, but switching to hp steal now...

my item build usually goes as such:

hp gem/life steal
boots -> berserker
frozen mallet OR last whisper (usually one after another)
bf sword
blood thirsty
(usually game ends here, if not....)
bloody dancer/infinity

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Senior Member


From after playing 200 games, this is what i would do...

1. Get 10+ dmg sword at start and a potion for last hits. Dont auto attack unless minioons are going to get hit by towers. If the tower attacks minions, its hard to get last hits, therefore hard to farm.

2. Dont focus on killing tris, focus on last hitting, you can do the killing later.

3. The other tris would mostlikely get hp regen / lifesteal, while you have sword, so you can last hit alot better.

4. Never gank unless your team needs it and you are positive you can get a kill, otherwise, farm!

Main thing, out minion kill him/her!

For your items though, this is just a personal choice... i would...

1. Get beserkers boots then two zeals and a sword of the occult. Finish off with two phantom dancers and an infinity edge. Game usually ends after 1 phantom dancer, so i never decide wha tto get for the 6th item : ). Lifesteal is bad for rangers, because when your using lifesteal, that means you are stupidly engaging with the opponent and getting damaged. you are a ranger, let your tanks tank, and your ranged dps dps.

Another build i like is ...

2. Stack the black axe things (not sure what they are called), that reduce armor per hit. I would get beserkers boots and buy 5 of them, for the utmost dps sensation. doesnt sound very sensible at first, but trust me, try it.

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Junior Member


normally a passive trist i have no trouble, the thing is an agressive trist...

like shes going straight for my ass all the time while appearing to be farming

i noticed that if she use all her skills (lets say jump + DoT), do the same thing back to her and run away usually stops her momentum, or else she would have gotten a large chunk of my hp for free

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Senior Member


Pump Explosive Shot and Rocket Jump. Most of them get Rapid Fire for farming, so if you do this and she doesn't you'll have the edge in the mirror. Make sure to last hit creeps standing near the enemy Tristana so she gets caught in the Explosive Shot effect. Once you've forced her out of lane, get Madred's Razors and a Vampiric Scepter, then grab the Lizard Buff and kill her.

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Grab exhaust+ignite
pump explosive and rocket jump
keep explosive shotting her
get her to around half, jump
ignite, exhaust..auto attack
its over.