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[Guide] Nidalee - A Carry's Best Friend

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  • 1. Introduction
    According to the Test Realm forums, a majority of Nidalee players prefer to go DPS. Personally, I don't understand it.

    Nidalee can't go immune to CC like Tryndamere or Yi. She doesn't have additional crits like Shaco. She doesn't gain additional DPS from IAS like Jax or Udyr. She doesn't obtain additional damage passively like Sion or Yi. Her only real skill which has synergy with a DPS build is her heal-buff, Primal Surge -- and this buff can be used on anyone on the team, not just herself.

    What role does Nidalee fit? She's an offensive support who can still deal a fair bit of damage. She can support the team by using a healing spell which, although not on par with dedicated healers, is a solid support spell which gives the team's carry DPS a massive buff. With a bit of AP, her Javelin and Cougar form will be dealing a decent bit of damage on top of it. This huntress can be instrumental to a team's success.

    Without further adieu, I give you Nidalee -- the Carry's Best Friend.
http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/gu...7s+Best+Friend (http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/guide/126,Nidalee%3A+The+Carry%27s+Best+Friend) for the item build and the rest of the guide.