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riots new payment system isnt secure. dont use it.

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they said that credit card transactions were accessed from the year 2011, a payment system that hasnt been used since 2011.

this message from the hacker: 762822

implies he has access to transactions as recent as nov 2012. (LESS THAN A YEAR AGO.)

conclusion: riots insecure payment system is the one they are currently using and they are trying to save face by misdirecting the questions to the old system instead of the new one.

G_G come at me mods.

I can generate thousands of guids at random and claim they have a transaction date associated with them, your pvpid and creation date were until a couple weeks ago public knowledge if you use a number of league websites. Your birthdate would be associated with the probably dozens of accounts you have with the same name. And your email is simple because very few people have their own domain and there's a good chance that you use gmail rather than hotmail or yahoo but I bet he sent the same email to all 3 accounts just to be sure.

For example here's 3 GUIDs that don't mean anything but could be associated with a transaction