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Riot, please isolate players who are new to ranked

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if you put the new ranked players all in a queue together, than its sorta just like normal games again, just with draft picking isn't it? how are they gonna learn that the laning phase is over or how to ward when they're only playing with each other, and none of them know how?

i think they have to matched with players who have ranked experience already in order for them to learn that to proceed in elo, its a whole new playstyle. its not an issue of them having their own queue, that could just make the problem worse. imagine them having their own Q, and some scrub manages to elevate his elo to 1500+ playing with other unexperienced kids, but never learns to ward or how to properly play on a team. now throw him into the current MM with this complete lack of experience. arguably... with the way half of LoL players actually play, this wouldnt be any different than what is already going on now.

i feel like the best solution to your problem is to have them enter ranked games with an elo ~1000. 1200 elo is essentially a 1:1 w/l ratio, and like you said.. that does seem to be above average, so why not start them a little lower imo

lol, this guy have a realy good point.. None need to say more.. =P