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New Champion Idea

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Name - Sirrathar - The Mighty Tentacle

Crowd Control, Melee - (Possibly More)

Base Stats:
Health - 530 (+82 per level, 2006 Health at level 18)
Mana - No Mana (Using Health)
Attack Damage - 57 (+5 per level, 147 Attack Damage at level 18)
Attack Speed - 0.622 (+0.022 per level, 0.786 at level 18)
Movement Speed - 315
Armor - 29 (+4.2 per level, 104.6 Armor at level 18)
Magic Resist - 22 (+2.1 per level, 59.8 Magic Resist at level 18)


[Passive]: Street Sweeper
Every Fourth Attack Sirrathar Will Make An Attack Which Hits All Enemys Around Him. (100% Attack Damage But Only Applies On-Hit Effects On First 2 Enemys Hit And He Is Still Able To Move When Street Sweeping)

[Q]: Dive

Active Ability: Sirrathar Will Rapidly Dive Underneath The Target Line Dealing (75/125/165/205/245) Damage (100% Bonus AD) And Will Also Slow All The Enemys Hit By (10/15/20/25/30%)
(10 Seconds Cooldown.) (2/4/6/8/10% Current Health)

[W]: Cage

Active Ability: Sirrathar Summons 4 Tentacles From The Underground To Encircle Sirrathar's Target To Get Snared For 1 Second (0.25 Second More Stun Per 100 AP). The Tentacles Will Hit The Target At The Same Time To Deal (100/150/200/250/300 (50% Bonus AP).
(12/11/10/9/8 Seconds Cooldown.) (20/30/40/50/60 Health)

[E]: Scream

Passive Ability: Sirrathar Will Enjoy A Bonus Of Armor And Magic Penetration (10/15/20/25/30).

Active Ability: Sirrathar Makes A Scream Which Scares People To Get Feared For (0.50/0.75/1/1.25/1.50 Seconds, While Enemys Will Also Suffer With (20/25/30/35/40%) Reduced Armor And Magic Resistance For 6 Seconds.
(8 Seconds Cooldown.) (3% Maximum Health)

[R]: Impale

Active Ability: Sirrathar Goes Into The Ground And Becomes Untargetable For 1 Second. Within That Time He Send Tentacles Out To Every Enemy Champion To Deal Damage 200/350/500 (75% Bonus AP) And Pushes All The Enemy Champions Into The Air And Stuns Them For 1 Second. (Cooldown: 120/110/100 Secs) (50/100/150 Health)

Background Story:

It all started so quietly at planet Uturion - The Planet Of Tentacles. Sirrathar lived happily with his family and played with his friends. But suddenly the happiness went the other way. Planet Rozhka started war againts planet Uturion. Sirrathar and all the other kids on Uturion was sent away in capsules. Three in each. The adult tentacles had to stay on Uturion to take up the fight against Rozhka.
Sirrathar flew around in days without hope on finding anything. Suddenly he saw another planet. A planet he didnt knew about. His 2 other friends in the capsule was dead. Of a rare disease. The capsule began its path towrds the planet and it went so fast that Sirrathat didnt even noticed anything before a ''bang!'' came! The capsule hit right down in the earth. It maked a big crater. The capsule exploded right when Sirrathar came out of it. He almost died. With his last breath he managed to get up and root himself to the ground. He had landed near a little village. He trained his powers on the village. He ravaged for days. He thought he was ready. He walked for days without finding any sign of living when suddenly a big house came in his view. He walked over to the big house and stepped inside!