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What is wrong with LOL lately?

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I am getting very annoyed with this game. At least once a day my game is having issues where it wont let me go INTO the summoner page, but apparently im standing "afK" on the spawn pad. It says my Client and Patch error. DAILY this is happening now.
Screw it I thought, I'll just do a repair etc but no! Even that's a hasle now! XD You try to redownload the game and it takes forever. Because you have to stop and restart and stop and restart the dumb download becasue it constantly freezes or "is not responding" anymore. SERIOUSLY!!! Just fix this little ****. Stop making new champs and make the game stable again. People are constantly lagging out, they stop moving in the game but everything else keeps going. It really affects your playing. Id rather have a stable game and miss out on 1 new champ, then have hundreds of champs and not be able to play becasue of this error ****, or becasue of some huge lag spike that kicks everyone off, or makes you stop outa no where and die.

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Make a ticket to the Technical Crew.

Stop getting angry, and fix your own computer.

One person having ALL these issues doesnt mean the game is broken.

Your title should be "What is wrong with my computer"