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[Ability] Astral Blessing - Heal reduction bug? Or am i missing soething

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i am aware of executioners calling and how it works, but for some odd reason i have been noticing that sometimes Soraka's Astral Blessing isn't healing like it should on allies that have no executioner's buff.., but as if they did.

in fact, when i look over all the enemies items i see nobody even has executioner's.. yet randomly she will sometimes heal the allie as if they had that buff. it's weird.

i've noticed this ever since the last patch (december 17th' one)

Maybe i'm just missing something. i know i have been playing her a LOT lately. so i'm use to what she does.

What is even more weird is i built up her AP to increase it using deathfire's, 3 lucky picks and a lich bane and when i healed a teemo that had 2x my health barely moved his bar.. and he was just creeping neuts.

that was last match i played before posting this to give you an example.

Maybe i am missing something but you might also want to check it out.

oh and when i heal myself or some other allies it seemed to heal right most of the time. that's about all i can remember.

oh and there were no pirates in those matches i noticed this. (i think he has a buff like executioners' is why i mention)

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Yes, Gangplank's innate passive, Grog Soaked Blade, has a similar effect to that of Executioner's Calling.

Did you happen to notice if there was a Tristana or a Katarina in the game you are talking about? Both of them can apply similar buffs with their spells/abilities.