huge minion spawns

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I've been playing since the patch and both me and a friend agree, there is something wrong with the creep spawns. The last two games I've played the top base and all game long we are wrecked with one huge wave of creeps after another. Clean out the wave help kill the next set and two minutes later another huge wave of creeps to kill. Issue is that we end up splitting up cause we need to get the creeps cause they are downing towers. After each loss i took a number of creep kills.

Our team which surrendered and had all our inhib towers still up got 687 kills

Winning team had 416

The game after this one showed a 380 creep kill difference.

Now the huge wave of creeps still happened before but it's becoming one sided and i've yet to see our side get even one in the past two games. While it maybe nice to get extra gold...we are left screwed because we must split up to take care of all the creeps taking down our base. Ty.

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This sounds like an exploit where people block the creep waves till they accumulate, and then let them loose all at once. I'd send in a report to Riot with the names of these people.