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No IP and EXP after normal game

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This Thread is a translation of this one (German) : http://forums.lol-europe.com/showthread.php?t=9039. I posted it here, because no one really could answer us in the European Forums.

So here are the facts:

°We played a normal game.
- Play -> Normal Game -> Team Game [Sorry if anything is wrong translated, i don't know the client specific Words]
- We were assinged to a game with our 5 man team.

°We won the game in <10 mins (9:30 if i correctly remember).

°At the statistics there was "-100% practise game" penalty.
- We didn't get:
- EXP (The ones level <30.)
- IP (All of us.)

So we thought:"What the ****?!"

So the weird thing about it is, in the "Last played games" this game was declared as Won (Normal Game). So the theory with the practise game thing doesn't work out, because if it would has been a practise game there would stand: Won (Practise Game)

So we would like to get some answers to our questions.

Do you get no points for any game won under 10 mins?

Was it thought to be impossible to win under 10 mins and the points for this case were just ignored?

Is this a mistake or bug in the game?

Or did the creators want to give no points for win under 10 mins?

I would be happy if any admin would answer.
I don't want to insult anyone - no worry, i just want to seriously discuss this topic. (So no "wtf 9min buguser" flames or whatever, we never did and we never will use any bugs! (Like creep-blocking or whatever))

With best regards
lolmax and the Team Ep

PS: We never dared to win under 10mins again, because we didn't want to be disappointed again.

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This is known, and probably intentional. Maybe an old counter to the 5 promote game?

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hm yea but doesn't it say there are no rules in the battleground?
that's what the answer for backdooring flames is.
btw we didn't even use 5 promote.