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Recent Matches: Stats Sorting

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Sorting of the stats when selecting a game from "Recent Matches" in your summoner profile seems random, making it tedious to compare different matches.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into the Game Client
  2. Click on "View Summoner Profile"
  3. Select a game from "Recent Matches" listed on the left
  4. Note order in which "Stat" - "Value" pairs are listed for the game
  5. Select the next game from "Recent Matches" list
  6. Note order in which "Stat" - "Value" pairs are listed for the game
  7. Compare ordering of pairs

Actual Output:

Order game 1:
Largest Multi Kill - 2
Health Restored - 5,280
Neutral Monsters Kills - 6
Largest Killing Spree - 6

Order game 2:
Physical Damage Taken - 155
Time Spent Dead - 53
Gold Earned - 2,098
Damage Taken - 1,224

Expected Output:

Same ordering of "Stat" - "Value" for all games in the list.

Possible Solution:

Call a sorting function on the data returned for a game.