Hello. i keep on getting this bug all the time.

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I am reciving this erorr when connecting to the game also last game i couln't see my hero on select chapion and some time can't get connected to the game after insert user name.


body = (Object)#1
clientId = (null)
correlationId = "A907CC58-3CA1-4230-8E38-A232F9DC8DAD"
destination = ""
extendedData = (null)
faultCode = "Client.Error.RequestTimeout"
faultDetail = "The request timeout for the sent message was reached without receiving a response from the server."
faultString = "Request timed out"
headers = (Object)#2
messageId = "56EDBF4F-80F0-3A5C-9627-A2336F2EBEDD"
rootCause = (null)
timestamp = 0
timeToLive = 0