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[Suggestion] Sell RP-Cards Other places!

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Clutch Kaos

Senior Member


Ok Riot please stop selling the $10 and $25 cards at 7-11, Gamestop and Best buy only please!!! And I know all of you want atleast RP-Cards Sold at Wal-Mart and Target... (Me too)
Because last night me and my bro, we're gonna get some $10 LoL cards at our bestbuy, which is a longer way then driving to my nearby Target and Wal-Mart. And when we got there and headed to the computer section where they had a variety of games and game cards, we couldn't find any $10 RP-Cards at all. All we saw was a S!@# load of $25 cards and I told a couple of stock's employees, if they have any $10 in stock, and they said nope due to the big stack of $25.... sry if you think im just trolling or raging, but this is wasting my gas/money driving there, trying to get a $10 card. + my 7-11 dont sell any cards at all.....