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What makes a balanced team?

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Senior Member


I'm not looking for "use blitz, CM, etc, etc."

I'm looking for:

# of tanks
# of dps
# of melee
# of CC
# of aoe
# of support (heal/shield/buff)
# of pushers
# of burst dmgers


My question is what makes an all-around balanced team. How many of each should you have as a minimum to do well in 5v5 team battles and such. How many tanks should a team have. Etc.


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Senior Member


get 5 tanks and you win considering most of them have disables

seriously..alister nunu amumu rammus and blitz can rape and team battle

high burst damage and disables virtually unkillable

great pushers

go do it, go now!

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Junior Member


I'm guessing that a balanced team would probably mean one with minimal weaknesses.
u would probably need at least one heavy dps and nuker, best to also have tank, support, pusher, and carry (heros have multiple roles, depending on their skills and how you play them). but it's definitly more fun to just play absurd compositions (eg 5 stealth, 5 tanks, 5 promote etc)