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Lets do some trundle theory crafting shall we?

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Hey guys, so when I first laid eyes on trundle's skillset I fell in love- an AD carry that had loads of utility. So, lets break down his skills shall we?

Passive: Allows him to jungle or lane and pretty much keep healing if correctly understood. When minions or champs around him die he gains health so... cool.

Q: Allows Trundle to leap forward a small bit, dealing on-hit effects, while stealing some attack damage from the target- spammable

W: INSANELY large AoE that increases Trundle's movement speed, attack speed, and reduces CC effects on him.

E: Anivias wall remade: Impassable object, more of a cone than a wall, but slows all around it- pretty solid

R: Saps health, armor, and magic resistance in a burst/over time effect: Probably best used for diving, staying alive, or teamfights.

So: Items?

My thoughts were the following: Go Jungle build first.

Cloth armor first.
-Wriggles Lantern
-Boots of speed/merc. treads/zerkers grieves
-Frozen Mallet

so? Any other thoughts? Let's hear'em!

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First thought I hope his realtively cheap cause I would like to try him out and only have 7k IP but was saving for a new set of runes.

secondly, I think he might turn out to be the best jungler in the game. his passive keeps him healed and if built right could have ultimate take off potential

Cloth armor is a great first choice And building it into the razors is even better. I would say he needs a bloodthirster second though.

If he's going to be farming creeps might as well let him have a bloodthirster early to give it bigger impact late. Personally I might start with a vamp scepter and a health pot with trundle. depending on runes.

quints = Flat health
Reds = Armor pen (or attack speed IMO)
yellows = Flat armor
Blues = I would say these could be rather flexible but I would go with something per level based.

Level 1: Q
Level 2: W
Level 3: Q
Level 4: Q
Level 5: E
Level 6: R
Level 7: W
Level 8: Q

Basically I would think you want Q maxed out ASAP. W is gonna be good with just 1 rank just like pillar for the time being. the increase to attack speed is highly useful and used with Q after level 2 while jungling will make your jungling a lot smoother.

Meh I had more thoughts on this but I got distracted

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So what masteries do you suggest?

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He's already quite durable with his skill set so i go 21/9/0? or something like that.

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how about cloth armor and pots for jungling build the armor into a heart of gold get boots frozen mallet finish the heart to a randuins omen