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Hey guys, I've been going around trying all kinds of item builds and I cant seem to get a decent build for shaco.

for some reaon I can't seem to get a positive score with shaco.

Right now I'm level 11 summoner.

right now the iterm build that makes my score less negative is
1. Meki Pendant -> Nashor's tooth
2. Mercury's treads
3. Lichbane
4. phantom dancer
5. infinity edge
6. Guardian Angel.

Problem is I usually get up to lichbane and cant finish the phantom dancer.

At that point my AP was ~135

I read that people was able to get 1500 dmg from Shaco's deceive but up til now i can only get to 500-600 dmg.

Any advice would be awesome.


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Alright I play shaco often enough when I get tired of screwing around with other champs so here is what I would fix.

1 You have a half ap half Attack dmg build for your Shaco. Pick one.

I Personally used to play ap shaco but have since moved to Attack damage.

2 Shaco benefits from Attack damage 10 fold rather then attack speed. You want to scare people with deceive crits so they will run, attacking quickly works only when stacking on hit items pair'd with hallucinate.(IE Madreds, Malady, Lizard etc.)

Your starting build can run a variety of ways.

AP would run

Meki + health pots
then boots and so on. Stacking your AP, with chalice allowing you to ignore other regen.

Phys dmg Shaco

I run what people call "Super saiyan"

1 Elixir of fortitude 2 health pots 2 mana pots.

It will almost guarantee a first blood but you need 2 kills to honestly make it worthwhile.
After that build your boots, honestly it depends on who you are playing for what boots you take.

Sheen is essential in this build as is Infinity edge, after you farm those its up to you...upgrade sheen to triforce or grab survivability. You dont want lichbane on an Attack dmg shaco as it converts your AP which should be rather low.

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Senior Member


This is a bad build. Probably what you want to do is go pure damage, as that's the "easiest" Shaco.

Start: Boots/Longsword + Potions, Potion of Fortitude if you're feeling cocky.
Build: Berserker's Greaves, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, maybe Madred's Bloodrazor, Stark's Fervor.

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I read that people was able to get 1500 dmg from Shaco's deceive

Bs you cant reach that dmg... except you have like 6 Infinity edge or something like that haha Dx (except you have a full critical runes... and your well feed) the max dmg that i make with shaco was like 1200 with all the items of attack (:

mmm normally when i play i build it like that ...

Mekis pendant ====> FIendish codex ...====> nashor tooths or Deathfire gasp ( i like this one )
Boots ======> Boots of mobility ...
Sheen ====> Lich bane .... or trinity ( if you want some life and ms)
Mejais soulstealer ...
Rod of ages... ( HP ) or Zhonyas ring ( if you want to pwn more)

i like to kill fast ... you dont need hp when you can kill a person while your invi so... o; take that (: you can use


Mekis pendant ====> philosopher stone ... (later you can change it ) (:
Boots ====> boots of mobility
BF sword =====> Infinity edge
Vampiric Scepter ==== > Malady or bloothirster
Black Curve
Last whisper .... o: or hp i dont know

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Keith Bearjumper

Senior Member


I hate how vulnerable Shaco is porting in for a backstab so for physical I tend to jungle and go the proc route with Malady, Wit's End, and Madred's Bloodrazer. The idea is that the clone also procs each of those so he becomes extremely dangerous rather than a distraction. It isn't as bursty as going for the big crits is but I've found it to fit my playstyle better.

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what's more important is lizard buff. the traps are imba for jungling.

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Junior Member


hmmm thansk for the replies,

I jsut tried one item build and it seemed to work pretty nicely.

It was given in one of the threads.

1. sheen
2.berzerker's greaves
3. Madreds blodrazor
4. Madreds bloodrazor
5. Malady
6. infinite edge
7. trinity force

although by the time i got my first bloodrazor, the game was set and I was pretty fed LoL

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I've been working on a jungle shaco build lately. I tried this build order for a while.

Longsword + health pot
upgrade to Madreds Razor
upgrade to Berserker Greaves
upgrade to Blood Razor
upgrade to Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge

The moral of the story goes: I used to think Sheen was good stuff until I forgot to build it one game. I didn't really notice any difference other than the fact that I got my Zeal & Bloodrazor a lot sooner.

I have since dropped it from my item build and consider it a good, but ultimately too expensive item.

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I go a sort of bizzare route

dagger + health pot
dagger + boots
phantom + vamp. scept. (sometimes just scept. before phantom depending on how game is going)
convert boots to boots of movement
make mally + part of next phantom
dmg items after this

also i just dont think the dmg procs from sheen are worth it because of the 3 second cooldown, 3 seconds are an eternity playing shaco, and by the time you are doing enough dmg for it to start hitting hard, you could have bought something better

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Lord Sirrus

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i use these item for my shaco

Phantom Dancer
Boots of Swiftness
Last Whisper
The Black Cleaver
Warmog's Armor

most of the times.(standard build)
If u have a Fix Item build for all games it means u fail...
alwasy get items that can counter ur emy.

(Summoner lv 20)

6.1% crit
2.7 Crit dmg
2.3% move speed

Mastery: 3/2/15
offensive: 3 crit
Defensive: +armor
Uility : Ghost, 5% max mana, hp/mp regen, 3% move speed, Exp bonus

Summoner spell: Ghost, cleanse.

Skill build

The reason why u pump Shav so fast at the start is for the slow effect.
I rate speed over dmg at start was because people can run from Shaco early game.
With Cleanse, ghost, Boots of Swiftness Zeal, malady u can almost kill all hero at full hp (if ur not stupid)

U start the fight with deceive, most ppl will tend to run once u got the opening move.
But they cant run because ur movespeed, attack speed and Shav will own them.
If they intend to fight pop Cleanse/Hallu.
If they manage to grab abit of distance pop Ghost. This should be around lv8 Shaco.

Movespeed in this games means u can push all lane as shaco since shaco cannot die if u plan ur escape and map awareness.
Before u commit into a fight plan Jitb on ur escape route or emy's ambush path. Deceive in and hit him then cast Jitb near him just incase he decide to fight. During the time he is fear, u can really damage him like mad. If he fight on just hallu, by this time he will run. Deceive again and chase. Distance gained then u use Ghost. If he CC/stun/posion you then pop cleanse and carry on fighting.

At low lv, never solo. Go with an ally, stay hidden in the bush all the way and dont die. Never ever die trying to get a champion kill at the start. U have Exp bonus, the purpose is to stay alive and out farm.

When emy walks near the bush (while ur in the bush) or near u. just deceive behind him and hit him(When he walks into bush expecting to find u there but u deceive while in the bush, he has no idea where u are and caught off guard).

If he fight on just pop cleanse/ghost to run or stay fighting if u got a chance to kill. Just spam Shiv on Creeps for last hit. Use Deceive to avoid damage and counter attack.

at lv1 buy boots and 3hp pot. Only go back to base when u cannot affort to leech xp or when u can buy a zeal.

When not hiding in bushes, never stand still. Keep moving around at ur safe zone. This way emy wont have a chance to hit u with anything. If he trys just deceive before he hits u. Stand at a range that he cannot hit u with any spell/range attack without walking fowards, When he walk forward by control deceive right away, Hit him with deceive if u can but without taking too much damage from Creeps for from Emy Champions.

Remember Creeps hit u the moment you auto attack a Champion. Each time u focus attack on champion without planning, chances are u will take more damage than him because of the creeps attacking u. Harrass is usless if u do it wrong.

When emy is dieing and camp at tower. Make sure u can kill him with deceive and Shiv Throw. Find a time to enter in with deceive (make sure the tower is attacking creeps and the amount of emy creeps < your creeps) hit the champion, Shiv throw, Ghost/Cleanse is recommend to be used for this fight. Also before u run in to assult, pop a Pot even if ur full hp right before u attack. That added HP regen might save u from tower kill.

After the Kill alwasy pop Deceive/ghost/cleanse to run away. Dont be cheapskate and try to save CD. After a kill lay low and watch map awareness.

In group Fights, Alwasy spam ur JITB and aim to kill the softie player 1st. Never ever kill the tanks 1st because IT IS A TANK....Alwasy use deceive the moment the Cd is done. this way u can avoid taking 2 much damage. And in a Group fight, alwasy use ur Hallu and JITB. this way the emy wont bother to attack you. And if u start the fight first as a Shaco THEN ur fail... very very fail....