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New idea for riot point spending

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So I was talking to Drave on Ventrilo and I thought this would be awesome.

1. You buy $10 worth of Riot Points (for this scenario we will say that is 1000RP)
2. You buy a champion -500RP
3. You buy a couple skins -400RP
4. You have 100RP left over, what will you spend it on?

I think you should be allowed to change your summoner avatar at the cost of 100RP or whatever. It would be awesome if you were able to do this since then you could have clan avatars, or other stuff. Of course you would have a validation period with the moderators so they approve it. Also have a smaller cost one that allows you to just change the default color. So instead of a red/blue/green/orange/light blue badge avatar (or a tree) you can change it to purple/white/black/yellow/etc.

Just my 2 cents post