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Champ You Have Most Fun With (Not How Well You Do With Them)

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I have quite a few actually.

Top of the list being Annie, then I'd have to say Zilean, Mundo, Nunu, Singed, and lastly Sion.

Sion just because he sounds like the Senator (Arnold). And it's fun to build towards his shield, think it was AP, and watch things die with a nice big BANG.

Singed is just a pain in the ass, gotta love casually tossing someone over your shoulder into a group of hungry teammates and running off laughing in all chat when they get slaughtered.

Nunu cause he's a vicious Yeti Rider. Enough said.

Mundo, cause he goes where he leases

Zilean, cause nothing makes me laugh more than planting a timebomb on someones head and watching them run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Annie though, she brings out the evil in me. What can I say? She's a 6 year old from hell and she knows how to burn people xD Nothing makes me giggle better than stunning someone and flaming them to almost dead and then dropping a 4-ton teddy bear of Satan on top of em and watching them go poof. Especially when she lets out that evil little laugh afterwards. You know, that really evil one that sounds like she just dropped a 4-ton teddy bear on someone? Yeah that one

Not only that but I think her /l emote can be heard by anyone within range, not quite sure on that though. I know I've heard it several times, and I gotta say if I was ever standing near a bush, and heard that laugh, I'd freak xD

Those are just to name a few though. I try my best to have fun with every champion I play though. I mean it is a game right? If you can't have fun in a game, what's the point?