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Here's An Idea

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The Lady Joanna



It's 6 in morning, I've been watching random youtube videos, and I've something just came to me. It may not be fully thought out, but you gotta start somewhere.

Over the recent weeks, players have been stating that ADCs are damn strong and melee bruisers haven't been able to play their roles so well. So I thought of this: why not put ADC in the top lane and bruisers in the bottom with supports?

Lets look at it:
ADCs usually farm and poke down their opponents, and lets face it, usually get fed by slaying supports. With 2 ADCs in the top lane by themselves, it more or less comes down to a matter of skill between the players playing the champs. Also, ADCs do have that ridiculous sustain, most with mobility and disengage, they can basically take care of themselves.

Melee bruisers have been getting the short end of the stick lately. Most don't do well given the current status of the game. They can't face off against poke champions and others lack sustainability. A support can help with that. They can provide CC among other things to keep bruisers....bruising?

There are pros and cons to trying this out (of course), but don't knock it till you try it. I enjoy observing this game as much as I like playing, and as a spectator, I know not to cast harsh judgment for what I only see. I'm no one special btw.