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GD cried about Jayce

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TSM Stoya

Senior Member


its not like they nerfed him very much

A quick heads up here - There is some fairly experimental stuff on Jayce that's going into the outgoing PBE build. You guys won't have access to this for a little while as PBE builds timing and pushes, while regular - are always on a 'as soon as we can' basis.

You may see some craziness in the next few days from Data Scrapers but this content is really ridiculously rough.

1. Jayce should not ignore resistances.

Yes, I know no one levels up 'R' anyway at the moment - but for the moment, let's pretend that Jayce theoretically shouldn't ignore your resistances.

2. Jayce's poke pattern is fairly unhealthy.

Mostly from a fog of war, long range Q+E standpoint.

3. Jayce's burst shouldn't hyperscale and his damage shouldn't be dependent on optimizing really weird obtuse use cases

This mostly pertains to the 'W' functionality changes - where people are 'rolling' W charges to string together a 6 shot hyper charge. Also, Hyper Charge probably shouldn't deal 260% damage on a critical strike - or 325% damage on an IE crit strike.

So what's going on?

We're testing a fairly experimental series of changes designed to shift power away from these three cases and into the rest of his abilities - as well as streamlining some of Jayce's muddier patterns. In general, Jayce is a decent character to have in the game but the vast majority of his power is locked up in extreme abuse cases at the moment - especially with end game super burst scenarios or long range poke scenarios.

I'll have some more specifics as we start to refine what we have - but here is a rough list of the major changes:

1. Transform no longer has a shred effect on it. Transform now always simply causes the first attack after Transform to deal bonus damage based on character level.

Almost every fighter needed some form of resist shredding in Season 2 to help them deal damage in the late game. This is no longer true.

2. You may no longer level Transform. Your abilities have 6 ranks. Defense and Damage of Transform is based on character level.

Mostly clean up at this portion of the game. His abilities should be the highlight of the character - not random passive statistics on Transform.

3. To the Skies! now deals magic damage and scales off Ability Power and has vastly increased base damages.

To the Skies! being physical damage and having a Attack Damage ratio created a very uneven power curve for Jayce - early on, the spike case was heavy due to the prevalence of Attack Damage or Armor Penetration - while late game, his traditional AD / Penetration build makes To the Skies! extremely spikey.

Cleaning this up allows the Hammer form to deal primary magic damage - which allows some other builds to be played if Jayce can't use his normal glass hypercarry build - like Pen / Off-Tank.

4. Static Field no longer recovers mana on hit and damage generally reduced. It instead gives you an on-hit magic damage proc while the Static Field is ready. The cooldown also goes down with rank.

This creates some Gun / Hammer synergies as both form's 'W' can be used in the other form for damage.

We removed the mana on hit as it simply unnecessarily added to Jayce's snowball potential and increased his base MP/5 and MP/5 growth to provide a better curve.

5. Hyper Charge no longer scales to 130% - but stops at 100% instead.

This is a change mostly aimed at tuning down super-high end Jayce potential.

6. Accelerated Shock Blasts' movement speeds decay down to 1550. In general, this means that regardless of where the Acceleration Gate is, Q + E will roughly get to your destination at the same speed.

This is a change mostly aimed at toning down Jayce's poke cases from fog of war and at long range, while still maintaining adequate ranged threat at mid-range.

This also is a change directly at shifting Jayce's Acceleration Gate combo away from always being best used directly on himself - opening up more of a range of possible Acceleration Gate positions.

Looks like a lot to me.

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TSM Stoya

Senior Member


your in bronze 4 lowest of the lowest you have no clue bout this game

QQ they added 2 seconds to my cd

hes still a strong pick

I'm not even talking about the 2 seconds to his E. Maybe if you actually payed attention to the forums you would know about everything else instead of using to use my Bronze ranking as a ****ty attempt at an insult.