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Hi, first of all, i just want to say that my english realy suck and to forgive me.

I'm looking to play a new champ, and I have difficulty to find the right one.
ATM i play kennen since a good while but i want to find something new.
I like to have a champion that have mobility to move a little bit everywhere but its not a priority
I realy got dificulty to play melee champ because, i dont know why but i evrytime die first.

I'm playin 5s premade normal couple of time a week and one of my friend is playing ashe so i remove her of my list.

i like to have a ad/dps champ to take down tower, its realy bad when u are solo at an enemy tower and u take it down lol.

One of the most important thing is, when i do solo game i want a char that can be usefull and can change the game like i do with kennen.

any suggestion is welcome.

thank you very much and.... forgive my english lol i know that i realy suck lol.

if u have any tips to play just dont die with a melee lol go for it

thanks again

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A good AD champ to try out might be Miss Fortune. She has very strong laning, and is very helpful to teamfights with her slow, decently powerful nuke (Q), aoe ult, and her phys damage output in general. A good MF can definitely be devastating to the other team.

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Crazy Mousse

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well trynd kinda solves your problem of not dying as a melee...possibly one of the characters that make you go "i hate my life". but my favorite dps/ad champ is probably kogmaw, long range, eats tanks like goldfish, decent slow, ultimate is not that useful as a dps but still nice for checking bushes, sniping. A decent kogmaw can tear the other team apart. Plus when u die u can go kamikaze on others