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Evelyn Guide - AP Stackassin

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I'm going to be frank: I am not a great player. I am competent, but I tend to be greedy and/or watch Dexter/House/Stargate/Heroes/The Mentalist while I play.

This is my first guide, so I hope there's something here you can learn from, or if not, something you can comment, suggest, and/or improve upon.

Evelyn is usually negatively denoted as a nub pub stomper. She is and rightfully so, but many of the people who decry her in this fashion do so because they can't play her as well as you can, or as well as you will after this guide. It's not until you hit the very high elo, that Evelyn becomes less effective. (This affects a very few % of the LoL population)

And one last warning before I start, Evelyn is not a true carry! She can gank and ace the entire team, but she cannot do so unless they are individually stupid, or you have the cooperation of your team. It's not like playing Yi or Tyrndamere.

Hero Level Up Stats
Stats - Level 1 Stats - Stat Upgrade Per Level
Hit Points - 385 - 75
Mana Pool - 212 -38
Armor - 14.75 - 4
Magic Resist - 30 - 1.25
Crit Chance - 3.43 - .55
Health Regen - 1.39 - .11
Mana Regen - .78 - .05
Movespeed - 315
Range - 125

Hate Spike - Deals Damage to the closest unit (random) and a secondary unit for half damage.
30% AP Ratio (At Level 18 with good gear, you can do over 300 dps with just Hate Spike!)

Rank 1 - 25 Damage - 1 Second Cooldown - 8 Mana Cost
Rank 2 - 40 Damage - 1 Second Cooldown - 8 Mana Cost
Rank 3 - 55 Damage - 1 Second Cooldown - 8 Mana Cost
Rank 4 - 70 Damage - 1 Second Cooldown - 8 Mana Cost
Rank 5 - 85 Damage - 1 Second Cooldown - 8 Mana Cost

Shadow Walk
After 1.5 seconds, Evelyn becomes stealthed. Each damaging hit resets this timer to 1 second. The next damaging attack that breaks stealth will cause a stun!

Rank 1 - 1 Second Stun - 20 Second Stealth - 12 Second Cooldown - 60 Mana Cost
Rank 2 - 1 .25 Second Stun - 30 Second Stealth - 12 Second Cooldown - 60 Mana Cost
Rank 3 - 1.5 Second Stun - 40 Second Stealth - 12 Second Cooldown - 60 Mana Cost
Rank 4 - 1.75 Second Stun - 50 Second Stealth - 12 Second Cooldown - 60 Mana Cost
Rank 5 - 2 Second Stun - 60 Second Stealth - 12 Second Cooldown - 60 Mana Cost

Deals damage to target unit. If Ravage is used from behind, it will reduce target's armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds. This attack is ranged, about 175 units, so it's good for catching runners.

Rank 1 - 80 Damage - 10 MR/Armor - 9 Second Cooldown - 90 Mana Cost
Rank 2 - 135 Damage - 14 MR/Armor - 9 Second Cooldown - 105 Mana Cost
Rank 3 - 190 Damage - 18 MR/Armor - 9 Second Cooldown - 120 Mana Cost
Rank 4 - 255 Damage - 22 MR/Armor - 9 Second Cooldown - 135 Mana Cost
Rank 5 - 320 Damage - 26 MR/Armor - 9 Second Cooldown - 150 Mana Cost

Malice And Spite
This ability has no cooldown and can be used in stealth without breaking it. Rather, when an enemy champion dies, you have 3 minutes to activate this. It increases your attack speed and movement speed for 20 seconds, and in addition, if you had damaged a champion within 10 seconds of his death, you gain 25% of his life.

Rank 1 - 50% Attack Speed - 25% Movement Speed - No Cooldown - No Mana Cost
Rank 2 - 75% Attack Speed - 25% Movement Speed - No Cooldown - No Mana Cost
Rank 3 - 100% Attack Speed - 25% Movement Speed - No Cooldown - No Mana Cost

Silent Killer (Passive)

Attacks from Minions deal 50% damage to Evelyn.

Summoner Spells
There are only 4 real contenders here:

I personally use Ignite + Teleport/Cleanse. Eve is fast enough that Flash isn't necessary, although it would save her from a great gank via Flash > stealth. The reason for teleport is not to maintain high lane times, you're a ganker after all. It's mostly to get stealth > teleport kills by teleporting to a creep/tower a little outside the enemy's fov, right after their team has seen you recall.


No contest really, full AP per level runes is the way to go. Static AP runes are markedly worse off after level 6-10 (depending on the color).


Honestly, 21/x/x is fine. So long as you pick up Archmage's savvy, Improved Ignite (Having 20 AP at level 1 without gear is amazing.), the rest are vanilla easy choices.

Skill Order

1 - Hate Spike - Need it for last hitting creeps to hit level 3 asap.
2 - Shadow Walk / Ravage - Doesn't matter, you won't be using neither until level 3.
3 - Ravage / Shadow Walk - You should have 1 pt in each skill. More info on this later.
4 - Ravage
5 - Ravage
6 - Malice and Spite
7 - Ravage
8 - Hate Spike
9 - Ravage
10 - Hate Spike
11 - Malice and Spite
12 - Shadow Walk
13 - Hate Spike
14 - Hate Spike
15 - Shadow Walk
16 - Malice and Spite
17 - Shadow Walk
18 - Shadow Walk


Sapphire Crystal.
Amplifying Tome
Boots of Speed
Blasting Wand
Boots of Swiftness
Mejai's Soulstealer
Rylai's Sceptor
Zhonya's Ring
Frozen Heart (25% CD reduction is 33% more Hate Spike dps. Worth it, and you should have won before you got this item anyways.)

You should have about 630 AP at this time. You can swap Frozen Heart with another Zhonya's Ring for 125 more AP, or with an Archangel's Staff for another 100 AP and ridiculous mana regen.

The Game Plan

Remember how skill order didn't matter up to level 3, so long as you got Hate Spike at level 1?

That's because we're going to gank our lane partner at level 3. You should have a 100 damage Ravage, 30 damage Hate Spike, ~68 auto attack, and 125 damage from Ignite.

If we count 3 auto attacks, that's a total of ~430 damage, more realistically ~390 after armor/MR. That is enough to take out most champions @ 50% or less hp.

We have the scenario planned, we just need to get the opportunity. We can choose to either harass them down to 50% depending on your partner. If you know your enemies have Heal, make them waste it via a faux-gank attempt. You have 490 mana due to Sapphire Crystal, you can afford to waste 150 mana to SW>Ravage>auto and run once.

If your partner can stun, you're golden, you can probably get first blood now. Sometimes, they get away even with the most forethought in planning. At the very least, you made one or even both enemies blue pill.

This gives you the chance to head towards mid. Don't bother to hide that fact. You want their team to face a dilemma: does their mid carry head back to the turret, or keep farming and possibly get ganked.

Either way, you want one of the 4 remaining enemies to maneuver awkwardly. You as the stealthed character, always have map awareness advantage. (Except against Twisted Fate or an overwhelmingly superior team, or against stealthed characters similar to yourself.)

Worst case scenario, they react correctly, both lanes play defensively for a while, and you're forced back to laning, otherwise losing out on gold/xp. Just farm until you hit 885 gold to buy your Sheen. You should be almost level 5 by now.

Thanks to your runes/mastery/gear, your burst damage should be growing faster than enemy hp totals.

Don't overcommit, but don't be afraid to blow your load to get first blood, or that runner. The game for Evelyn is literally made in the first ten minutes.

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I'm sorry i got as far as items and i stopped. As an avid eve player i always get excited when a new guide is posted, but as with the rest all fall short of MrCygnus's guide. A few things i want to point out are usually based on personal preference. Level ability priority (ravage>shadow walk >hatespike) for the sole purpose of player killing, its what your good at, the longer stealth duration and stun allow you to wait out better positioning earlier and let you get into a lane unseen. Nothing worse then waiting ina bush to stealth to someone when you could have been behind them the whole time, then missing your chance on a messup.

Spells, i agree with MrCy that ignite and smite are invaluable, you don't want to stay in a lane, the less you are the more the enemy is put on edge. Obv you will have to creep in lanes from time to time early game but you want to jungle as much as possible to keep them on their toes. That aside nothing is better for first blood then coming in hot to a lane with hatespike and stealth after soloing the two golems.

Items are the main reason i read people guides, spells all fall to preference, but items make or break a game. In your case getting lichbane so early is bad. Sheen will work just as well or better proc wise since you wont have the ap to support the lb proc. Ryjals scepter is my last slot item on eve simply for the fact that i try to keep the lizard buff at all times. If i cant then i try to prioritize it higher. Frozen heart .... come on now the armor wont save you and if you are getting auto attacked down you are playing wrong. Stick with Nashor's tooth. Boots i use boots of mobility on most every one i used to get sorc shoes on, and i have never looked back. They make teleport worthless and keep you lane hopping like a champ. Like most people im still trying to fill the void of no soulstealer, the new one is to slow, idc if you never die it just not what it used to be, you doesnt keep you in a lane like the old one did and with its new nerf(on test) it never will.

My current gear setup looks like (testing out haunting guise)Philo stone, boots>sheen> Nashor's>zhonya's >lichbane> ryjals if the game lasts Pretty much the only thing that's changed is i get the ring sooner the i used to. I tested using Deathfire as my item after nashor's and it felt a little to clunky, the on use isn't needed unless you are late game 100%-0 'ing someone, and by then you shouldn't need it. The cool down reduction was nice but golem buff is still our friend and if needed haunting guise works.

sorry this is a little long a drawn out for a reply lol >.<

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Yea same i stopped after items and srsly hate spike first nononono bad bad evelyn *Phrenzied squirts that noob evelyn with a water bottle*

i would get shadow walk first so you can scout out your enemies and tehn your laning partner can attack them no prob with out that first blood risk. If your a good evelyn at all you should roll amplifying tome into mejais or sheen depending on if you get kills or not.

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I have been playing Eve while stacking Atk power instead of Abi power and it has been working great. Now I realize that most people are highly opposed to this option because it does not work out to a greater amount of Dmg, or so I have been told I have not actually run the numbers. I believe the amount of attack speed that you get while running Atk power instead of Abi Power makes up for the difference with the amount of Auto Dmg you are doing while Procing Trinity Force with Hate Spikes of course. Also Trinity Force does 150% Dmg of your Atk Power instead of the 100% from Lich Bane. However, like I said before I haven't officially run the numbers but I have been doing amazingly so I believe it is an option.

As for my leveling scheme .....Basically get Hate spikes out the gate, then stealth, then ravage, then get Hate spikes every chance you get while getting stealth and when you cant level Stealth or Hate spikes and you are not the levels where you can get Malice and Spite (i.e level 6) THEN get Ravage but not before, Ravage does not really do as much without Abi power which is why it is the lesser of the character abilities until you have them at like 10% health and need that little nudge to kill them which is why you get it at level 3. So in this way you have that extra Dmg from 5th level Hate spikes ASAP, which helps when you solo jungle or players when stacking Atk power as you are using it to Proc Sheen or Trinity Force anyways.

As for Items....I'll get a Long Sword for Damage and then upgrade that to a Madred's Razors, which can allow you to jungle as well as get those crucial minion kills for gold. Then obviously Sheen for the extra Dmg. Then it could go a couple ways from here. Either I have gotten kills and some gold or my lane buddy is incompetent and I am having trouble getting kills myself, which happens we all have bad games. If I have gotten kills its good to get a B.F. Sword for the Dmg, if not as much gold as you would have liked it can help to get Atk Speed with say a Last Whisper. From there it depends on the situation and who you are up against. Usually though just continue with more Atk Speed and/or Dmg with different abilities depending on the situation.

That is my opinion though I would like to know yours, Oh and be honest I can take it.