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New hero sugestion...

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Kvarkhas 16chara

Junior Member


So... because i don't know how to see answers to my posts, i am finaly posting this...
here is my new hero (one of many)...

LEX the assassinator (you can switch the name, i had no inspiration for it)
0.COMBAT MASTERY [passive]: with each attack (up to 8) has more chance to do critical damage
1.WEAPON MASTERY [active]: double the attack speed, but halve the damage for short period of time
2.CRITICAL SPOT [active]: throws a sword at the unit, slowing its movement speed and increasses the damage that unit takes from Lex
3.FLASH TWIN STEP [active]: flashes to a location (like katharina and flash spell) increassing Lexs's attack speed
4.ASSASSINATION SKILLS [passive]: when Lex hits a critical, he can to up to 3.5X damage (increassing with levels of this spell)

for the looks i thought like Shen, but without mask, and with 4 swords on his back, 2 top, 2 botom face (sword's handle) down... and for the walking, NOT like Shen, he walks like a patient with epilepsy...

you can contact me on [email]nole_v@hotmail.com[/email] to tell me how to read comments on my posts... hahaha
as i said, i have many champion ideas, some good, some bad, but you, RIOT, are here to improve and balance the heroes abilities...

and parameter for the hero...
HP: form 1 to 10 is 5
Damage: from 1 to 10 is 11
Abilities: from 1 to 10 is 0 because he has no AP and does not do any agressive damage with spells...
Playing level... you decide...

Hope you like my post...

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woow i rly like this hero, i just hope RIOT will accept him !!!!!