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The battle of Silver and Scarr

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((... I'm actually kinda brain dead as to what to post.... Uhhhhh... Uhhhhhhhh...))

((Don't worry, I think this one will give you some ideas. ;-] ))

"All my life, I have only wanted to teach others, to enlighten them, to inspire them to do great things in bettering the lives of others as well as their own."

"Caddy" was sifting through his own conscience. He was looking deep into his own soul to find the strength he could use to stop the recurring memories of death that would ravage him again once the light had faded.

"Even when I was forced to take lives in the many battles of my past, I was at least doing it for a purpose; A purpose I believed in. How can I, after realizing that I took all of those lives, continue to live knowing that none of those people who were sacrificed by my power will ever get a second chance?!

I'm . . . weak, . . . pathetic. I deserve to be taken by the darkness.

"Caddy", after losing hope, gave-up his search. There, in his mind, he sat, looking into the silvery light that was still shining brightly, waiting for its luminescence to die so that his nightmares could once again take hold of him.

Suddenly, something happened . . .

While staring into the light that had been the result of the energy given to him by Silver, "Caddy" had found the will to keep the grisly reminders of his past locked-away in the recesses of his mind; So that they may never again eat away at his soul.

". . . In all my travels, I never cared for anyone I had befriended after I had left their world they called home. Even after the people of each planet I visited had reached a sense of enlightenment and an inspired state of mind, I never saw the faces of the ones I cared about most ever again!

And it was the ones I cared about most who helped shape the person I am now.

As "Caddy" stared into the light, images and memories of every person he had ever befriended, ever cared about, ever loved appeared within the light. The amount of these memories were beautiful to "Caddy", they gave him that sense of hope he had been instilling for so long into lives of so many others. Now "Caddy" felt what it was like to again be enlightened and inspired to do great things . . .

. . . and these memories within the light outnumbered those within the darkness.

With his new found strength and purpose, "Caddy" stood-up and faced the darkness that was composed of the nightmarish memories of death he had committed as he proclaimed . . .

"Although, the thought of ending all those lives in my past will forever be engraved into my memory, I now have a nearly unbreakable strength and a new, meaningful purpose to keep my visions of that gruesome tale from my past from ever returning to the forefront of my mind ever again."

There in his mind, "Caddy" stood, staring into the nightmares with no fear in his heart so long as the light given to him by Silver remained emanating its glorious rays. The light grew slowly, forcing the nightmares to retreat to the darkest alcove of "Caddy"'s mind. With the light's advancements, "Caddy" started shouting to the fleeing darkness . . .

"Never shall you take me!"

Suddenly, a pulse of light emitted from the original glow created by Silver, causing the retreating nightmares to fade-away as they fled to the farthest corners of "Caddy"'s mind; The only places where the light did not reach.

Outside of his mind, "Caddy" had been showing signs of the confrontation with his nightmares. Every so often, he would tightly close his eyes and occasionally mumble the words he had been saying within his unconscious mind. However, his unconscious state was releasing its grasp on him as his strength and energy were steadily returning.

"Caddy", then, opened his eyes; He awakened to the same alley he had collapsed in. "Caddy" braced his body with his hands placed firmly on the cold, hard Zaunite ground. Slowly, "Caddy" made it to a standing position, though, he was slouching. After getting-up from his awakening, "Caddy" looked-up and saw both Silver and Scarr. Thankful that the two had not forsaken him, "Caddy" smiled without showing his teeth before saying with an exhausted voice to them . . .

"Hi Silver, hi Scarr."

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Silver looked up at "Caddy" with an innocent smile on her face, "Welcome back! Couldn't help but notice that you seemed to have had a nasty fall there."

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((Well, one more extremely long post! :-} ))

Silver looked up at him with an innocent smile on her face, "Welcome back! Couldn't help but notice you seemed to have had a nasty fall there."

"Yeah . . ."

"Caddy"'s voice still had the sense of exhaustion, but his strength was returning as he stood before the two people he considered his most faithful companions. "Caddy" wanted to make sure, in his endeavor to enlighten the lives of this world, that Silver, Scarr, and any other person he befriends would not be forsaken; That no harm would befall them so long as "Caddy" stood by their side.

Although he had not regained his full strength, "Caddy" managed to turn his head towards the night sky. The film of smoke from Zaun's many factories continued to flood the atmosphere. However, even with his inability to see through the dark clouds, "Caddy" could feel that the light of dawn was soon approaching. "Caddy" knew that, although he despised the idea of it, the three of them would have to part ways.

After accepting the fate that was to arrive, "Caddy" straightened his posture as he walked-over to Scarr. Although he was only mere inches short of Scarr's height, "Caddy" saw the man who was known as the "Blood Letting Zealot" as a great figure that stood above all else. "Caddy" promised to give Scarr a new chance at life one day: The day that all beings of Valoran would finally settle their differences with heart-felt feelings and caring words rather than unbridled malice and selfish wars. Making sure to not break contact with his eyes, "Caddy" said to Scarr . . .

"Warriors who fight for only the thrill of the battle and the scent of blood may slaughter anyone in their path, but they fight for meaningless reasons; They become hollow shells with no real purpose in their bloodthirsty lives.

You are not a hollow shell. Their is a voice beneath your scarred, tormented exterior that's crying-out for a new life of its own, and I shall find a way to give it to you. I swear, that as long as you hold onto the humanity you have left, I will never give-up my search!

"Caddy" then walked over to Silver as he traded his attention on Scarr for hers. Silver had found the missing piece to "Caddy"'s memory. He could have lived his whole life knowing that he never killed for a purpose other than his own, but Silver proved him otherwise. It would seem Silver had cursed "Caddy" to forever be haunted by the darkness of his past, but in this darkness, was a glimmer of light that was the reason "Caddy" is still alive. Silver had allowed him to escape the torture he was put through; For that, he was eternally grateful. "Caddy" looked-into Silver's eyes as he said . . .

"Thank you Silver. You have not only returned to me a crucial part of my memory, but you have also given me a second chance. You set me free from the pain I endured on that world so long ago, as well as the nightmares in which were born from that pain tonight. Silver, if is was not for you, I would not be standing here before you . . ."

"Caddy" remembered from his past that he had been gifted with a weapon from one of his most beloved friends on a far-off, distant world. This weapon was given to him before his friend had been killed by an assassin who had ran his cutlass through her back. Before she was killed, "Caddy" distinctively remembered his friend's words more than anything else . . .

"You have done so much for me . . . I don't want to see you leave but, I suppose you must. Please, take my dagger as a gift. I know you'll make many more friends along your journey across the stars, but there may be one who will make your life complete. When you find that one special friend, give them this dagger so that the both of you may never be without each other."

"Caddy" continued to look into Silver's eyes as he thought . . .

". . . the one who will make my life complete. Silver brought back my memory; She completed my life!"

"Caddy" held-out his right hand to Silver so that his palm was face-up. The spiral-shaped symbol on his hand suddenly illuminated with a bright yellow as he summoned the dagger:

"Kaila's Dagger."

Bright yellow light appeared in "Caddy"'s hand before it took the form of the weapon. The dagger had a golden band on each end of its blue handle. There was no guard separating the handle and the dual-edged blade, but combat was not the point of this weapon. The blade itself was made of a unique, polished silver that could never rust or become stained. Finally, resting just above the handle was a golden symbol beveled out of the metal surface of the blade. This symbol looked-like an eye created from a simple circle within a double-pointed ellipse. The symbol was only on one side of the blade.

"Caddy" let-go of the dagger, after doing so, the dagger was surrounded by the same bright light seen when "Caddy" summoned the weapon. The dagger did not fall, but instead, it hovered in mid-air in front of Silver with its blade pointing to the ground. With the dagger hovering between "Caddy" and Silver, he said . . .

"Please Silver, take this dagger and keep it with you always. If you are holding the dagger and you envision me in your mind, you can speak to me no matter where I am. Even if I am universes away, I will still be able to hear your voice. This is my gift to you for freeing me twice from the nightmares that returned to tear-away at my very soul. "

"Caddy" put his hands into his coat's pockets and walked-away from where he was standing before Silver as he looked-down at the ground. "Caddy" was only a few yards away before he turned to look at Silver and Scarr, then he said . . .

"See you later Scarr, goodbye Silver. I look forward to seeing you two again."

Shortly after, "Caddy" resumed his path. His long black coat flowing as he eventually made his way to the end of the alley and turned the corner; Leaving the sight of his new-found friends Silver and Scarr.

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Silver's eyes followed "Caddy" as he was leaving, and as soon as he turned the corner she looked back at the glowing dagger. She grasped the handle, watching the glow fade and noting at how the dagger seemed to have a sort of "warm" feeling to it.

She smiled slightly, examining the dagger and all its details. She decided to try it out, sending a simple message to "Caddy" saying, I'll see you around.

Silver still had her mind focused on the dagger, though she spoke toward Scarr in a relaxed tone, "Well, that was rather interesting. And as much as I would like to stick around and have depressing chats about our past, I have some... Business I should attend to." She then looked over towards Scarr with a mischievous smirk on her face.

((I updated Silver's profile slighty, just letting ya know... Might be amused at what I added to her bio. d= ))