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[Halp] improve my urgot

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Junior Member


Summoner Spells: Teleport/Clairvoyance (these will not be changed)
Masteries: not at 30 yet, but defense is the focus


Item Build:

meki + 2 hp pots
tear of the goddess
level 1 boots
level 2 boots (based on opponents)
frozen mallet
MR or Armor item (based on opponents)
atma's impaler

((basically the item theme is
eliminate mana issues -> add some damage -> go tank/utility mode as you become less relevant damage wise -> atma's because you have enough hp to make it make sense))


Spell Order:

eqqeqrqw then priority r>q>w>e

(reasoning: big thing i noticed going e first instead of q is that its 100 damage out the gate, its cheap on mana, and it doesnt obstruct with creeps (so you can play safer)

100 is notable damage, and you can just keep your mana in pocket for level 3 and beyond, or go hard at level 2 if you notice his hp like... under 200 (q is 60+ a pop, youll get two of those off, plus the 100)

add in teammate harass and you can overpower a lane quite fast (and safely) as long as you stay patient until at least level 2)


Other notes:

Generally I like laning with a buddy at the start only because I know urgot loses power later in the game. I am comfortable with going mid though. I harass with my buddy, play patient, use Clair to keep my moves relatively safe.

Any advice? A better build for my goal, or just some tips on a diff way to urgot? I do well now, but looking to improve.